The Great Big Summer Stationery Giveaway

In recent weeks I have participated in quite a few stationery supplies swaps, and it has come to my attention that:
1. I own/buy/receive/acquire a lotย of stationery, and
2. I have so much that I could never use it all.
So, I have decided to share it with you, through a giveaway.

  • There will be 2 prizes.
  • Entry is open to everyone, worldwide.
  • Both winners will receive a goody bag with a random assortment of stationery items with a value of at least ยฃ10.
  • The draw is open NOW and endsย 31 July 2015.

It’s really easy to take part, just complete one or more of the entry options & cross your fingers/toes/eyes…

Good Luck!!

ENTER HERE:ย a Rafflecopter giveaway

The boring bit:
Winners will be chosen at random within 24 hours of the draw finishing, at which time I will attempt to make contact (via twitter, commenting on your latest blog post, or replying to your comment here), If no reply is received within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


25 thoughts on “The Great Big Summer Stationery Giveaway

  1. spandwiches says:

    I love writing paper – for me it’s almost like a history, I try to save one set of every type I have – I still have some I bought while I was at college – 15 years ago!


  2. spandwiches says:

    I love writing paper/envelope sets. To me they’re like a history – I try to always save one pair of any set I get so that I can remember that time. I still have some I bought back at University – 15 years ago (it has dragons on it)!!


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