The Big Annual BBQ

I’d like to share something a bit different with you today…

Every year around this time, OH’s work always hosts a big fun day at one of the local country parks.

There’s a host of entertainments, plenty of food and a whole lot of fun.

One thing that is always the same is the weather. In the 6 years this BBQ has been happening, it has always rained. Even the year there was a drought during the two weeks either side, it poured the day of the BBQ! This week has been pretty rainy so when someone said that today’s forecast was rain between 12noon & 4pm, followed by hail; I thought that sounded about usual!

We dressed accordingly; boots, waterproof jackets etc and set off for the park. As we got there, the sky started to brighten; and apart from a couple of heavy showers, it stayed nice all afternoon.

As a departure from the usual burgers & sausages etc this year they had also hired a ‘Hog Roast’ team, which smelt amazing as we arrived.

OH warmed up with a game of badminton, whilst I had a chat.

OH warmed up with a game of badminton, whilst I had a chat.

Meanwhile, the kids & I (being gannets) hit the BBQ first whilst waiting for the pork to finish cooking.

Nerds 😝

Nerds 😝

After partaking in some of the aforementioned roast (which was incredibly tasty & succulent); served in bread rolls with stuffing, apple sauce and amazingly good crackling; it was time for some fun and games.

There’s always a bouncy castle. Which is always a deathtrap due to water. The increased risk of death and/or permanent injury just adds to the excitement.

That bouncy castle is looking rather empty, it's about time for another bunch to pile on!

That bouncy castle is looking rather empty, it’s about time for another bunch to pile on!

There are always various games of football and Frisbee going on. Not necessarily together, but not necessarily NOT!

Anyone for Tennis?

Anyone for Tennis?

Another thing made inherently funnier by the large puddle that accumulates, is the Bungee Run. This is a two-laned inflatable; with two belts, each secured to the back wall by a bungee cord. A Velcro strip runs along either side of the central ‘wall’ and the winner is the one who manages to stick their bean-bag baton furthest along the run. We tend to play it as “best of 3” and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get pulled back, lose your footing and end up in a soggy giggling heap during at least one turn 😀

NOOO!!!  You can't let The Kid win!

You can’t let The Kid win!!

Yayyy!! Mum wins again!

Mum wins again!

Another game that makes a regular appearance at this annual event is Viking Chess (which, one of the Swedes tells us, is actually named Kubb) There’s a wooden King & 10 wooden Knight blocks which are laid out on the lawn, two teams take turns throwing 6 round sticks at the Knights in an attempt to topple them.

Viking Chess game layout

Viking Chess game layout

Knocking over the other teams Knights allows you to move them around the ‘board’. Once you have removed all the opposing teams Knights, you have to topple the king to win the game. It’s actually harder than it sounds but is a lot of fun.

Aim for the 2nd Knight on the left, honey!

Aim for the 2nd Knight on the left, honey!

Team Family lost the first game pretty quickly and the next one started off similarly but we totally turned it around and won amazingly! Go Team! 😀

Around that point, the rain started quite heavily again so we decided it was time to head home. We all had a fab time and can’t wait until next year to do it all again!

Do you have a regular event which you look forward to every year? Please share in the comments! 

Thanks for reading xx

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