Fixing stuff


Today I was suppose to share a happy mail post with you but something else got in the way and I didn’t get round to taking pictures, so I’ll save it for another day!



…is what got in the way.

The timing was, of course, impeccable :-\
It’s been pouring with rain all week so the laundry had piled up, and all of a sudden the washing machine decided to stop spinning.

Which was just dandy since after replacing the oven last month, the last thing we needed was buying another large kitchen appliance!

Anyway, we pulled it out and had a look and I think we can fix it!!

So, tomorrow we go to pick up some new carbon brushes & attempt to fit them – wish us luck!! 😀

Normal post services will be resumed tomorrow (unless I make a particularly good job of it and decide to become a washing machine mechanic 😛  )


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