5 Fandom Friday: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

This week’s #5FandomFriday prompt was actually to do with Fan fiction, which isn’t something I read; so I decided to go back to a previous one which I had missed:

5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

Time Turner

I only have one more week until returning to work for the start of the new term, so Hermione’s Time Turner would come in rather handy right about now! Can you imagine being able to turn all the way back to the beginning of summer break?


Teen 1 actually has a pair of Time Turner earrings and so she is never late for anything ;-P

Psychic Paper

Have you noticed that it’s always the bit of paper/ receipt/ loyalty card etc that you need, which you can never find at that particular moment? How cool would it be to have a piece of Psychic Paper , that you could flash just like The Doctor; and whomever you presented it to would see it for exactly what you wished them to? No more scrabbling through your cards in the checkout queue or at The Black Gate or wherever!

Family clock

As I mentioned previously, it’s almost time for a new school year to begin; and with it, all the extra-curricular activities… I could really use a clock like molly Weasley’s, so I could track of who was where, when, and whether I had to feed them first!


I first became aware of this magical cloth a number of years ago whilst reading some old Russian folktales; but as we have been off out and about on various day-trips involving picnics this week, the idea of a Magic Tablecloth seems like a rather useful one! Rather than lugging around a bag of edibles that risk getting squashed, we would simply lay our magic cloth on the ground and; after uttering the appropriate magic words, all manner of tasty treats to eat & drink would appear. Of course, the best bit is that when we had eaten our fill, we would only have to roll up the cloth and all the leftovers, dirty crockery & crumbs would miraculously vanish!

Automated Mail Sorter

Bergholt Stuttley “Bloody Stupid” Johnson, whilst gloriously inept, is one of Discworld’s most notable inventors. It is with much avarice that I think on the marvelous machine he created for the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. Imagine a device so magical it was capable of sorting mail that had not actually even been written, or indeed never would! It would save so much time waiting for mail to be processed.

Which magical item(s) would you love to own? Please share in the comments!


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