Mail Call: A swap package from an unexpected source…

So, today I received a great big fat envelope of fantastic planner goodies.
This in it’s self isn’t too surprising; if you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time you’ll know:

  1. I like a swap, and
  2. I like stationery


3.  I’m gonna jump at the chance of a stationery swap!

The fun part of this particular swap was my swapping partner.

Remember the #ListersGottaList challenge? Well, who should I bump into over on the #listers facebook group but my younger sister! Neither of us knew the other was participating on this one so it was pretty funny that we should both comment on the same post 😀 Anyway, after it emerged through discussion that a particular speech bubble sticky note someone had used originated from Wilkos (of which we don’t have a store local to us but Sis does) and that I had ready access to a TIGER (which she didn’t); a swap was instigated.

She sent me a TON of goodies (in fact, I think she may have exceeded the £10 budget, naughty girl!)


Take a moment to peruse the goodies I received!

In the envelope I found:

  • A rather lovely “I feel pretty, Oh so Pretty” notebook from Urban Outfitters
  • Star shaped sticky notes
  • Heart shaped sticky notes
  • Flag shaped page flags
  • The big blue speech bubble sticky notes that started it all
  • Cute slogan sticky note arrows
  • Neon strip page markers
  • Some cute patterned index cards (I’m already thinking of a way to do September’s List with those!)
  • A box of adorable bright pink wooden clips
  • A twine trio (twine is on a squee-par with washi in my book)
  • Paper flowers
  • Glitter marker pens (she has glitter in her veins, that one!)
  • A triple pack of cute pencils with cute eraser tops (did you see the unicorn one?)
  • Super cute mini decorated gel-pens
  • A mini 4-colour pen
  • Lipstick shaped pen & eraser set
  • Lovehearts erasers
  • Lucky cat erasers
  • Pop-up stick eraser

and a sweet notelet.

I felt very spoiled and hope she was equally delighted with the TIGER goodies I sent her.

Have you ever participated in a swap with someone you wouldn’t normally think of swapping with? It honestly never occurred to me to swap packages with my sister before, but I’m really glad we did and would definitely do it again!


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