Amazing mazes, and eating your own weight in berries…

Today was the last day of OH’s holiday (Teen-2 & I still have one more week until we go back to school/work) so we decided to take a break from painting and head off to an annually frequented local attraction : The Maize Maze.

Cairnie Fruit Farm & Mega Maze is situated about 15 miles away, in Cupar. We’ve been a number of times over the years and have seen it change over the years. Each season there are improvements and additions to the site and it is a very popular spot.

The main attraction is, of course, the maze. Every year it has a different theme and this year’s is Dinosaurs. image


The maze is a lot of fun, there are 2 ‘games’ to play inside it and you can pick up a score card at the entrance. image The first is a Dino Tracker. As you make your way through the maze you come across footprint boards giving you the chance to choose a left or right path. image You note each choice, then after you leave the maze you use a special TRACK-O-GRAPH chart to find out what kind of dinosaur you tracked down. Mine was a Velociraptor!

The other (and arguably much more fun) activity involves finding Dinosaur nests. There are 10 ‘nest’ boards, each with an eggs stamp that you add to your collector card. At the end you tot up how many of each type of egg you found. image Now, I’m not too good at leaving something like that unfinished, so it’s anybody’s guess as to how many times I had us round the same bit, looking for nests 4 & 5! image image In the end, Teen-1 wandered off & stumbled across 5, which led us to 4 in a round about way. It was hilarious!


So after the maze, we headed to the Pick Your Own part. Half an hour later, we headed home with punnets full of raspberries, gooseberries and red & blackcurrants; and tummies twice as full… image

As if we hadn’t scoffed enough, the Teens decided Eton Mess was in order tonight…

Quick & Easy Eton Mess

  • Double/whipping or heavy cream
  • Meringue nests or shells
  • Strawberries and/or raspberries (or other soft fruits)
  • Whip the cream until stiff
  • Crush the meringues & fold into the cream
  • Slice/chop strawberries and gently fold in the fruit
  • Serve in glass bowls, with a sprig of mint



Do you enjoy Pick-Your-Own or have a favourite way to eat fruit? Please share in the comments 


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