Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice…that’s what swap package are made of!

You know how I love a package swap, and I regularly participate in ones hosted over on the IGGPPC forums.

Last month’s theme was Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice and the prefects for House Organa (where us more mature Geeks hang out) came up with the idea for a sweet little swap.

The Swap Details

We were all assigned someone to secretly send a package to, there was a suggested budget of $5-10, and whilst there were some suggestions, we were left to interpret the theme as we saw fit

Sugar: Something sweet! This could be a candy, a homemade treat, dried fruit… something your partner enjoys nomming on!

Spice: Something spicy! From more food, to teas, to spicy scents… something to add a little spice to your partner’s life.

Everything Nice: Something extra special just for your swap partner. This could be something as simple as a lovely letter full of good things, or it could be you make or purchase something from their favorite fandom.

What I Sent

I was excited to find out I was sending to Susi, a fellow Scot, as we had swapped before. I really enjoyed putting together a boxful of goodies for her.

I stupidly forgot to take pictures before I sent off Susi’s parcel (I’m terrible fir doing that!) but you can see her Instagram pictures here and here.

  • Chai tea, spicy & sweet
  • Chinese pickled mustard, spicy, plus she loves Chinese things
  • A sock cake, with My Little Pony Socks, something sweet
  • Scented Sugar Rush sticker book, something sugary
  • Plus a little Everything nice box, full of Hello Kitty bits & bobs
These My Little Pony socks are quite fine, so didn't really fill the wrap. I rolled them around a cute pot of lip balm and in the end they fit quite snuggly.

These My Little Pony socks were quite fine, so didn’t really fill the wrap. I rolled them around a cute pot of lip balm and in the end they fit quite snuggly.

I’m still not sure if she knows it was from me!!

What I Received

I was really excited when the postman handed me a parcel with the return address of Shawna, in the USA. Shawna makes and sells amazingly cute things and I’ll be honest, I secretly hoped she might have included something from her store, Hello Quirky.


Inside I found all sorts of goodies:






  • Some spicy chai teabags
  • A gorgeous roll of washi
  • Some scented chocolate cupcake stickers
  • 2 of Shawna’s postcards
  • An adorable big sticker
  • A really cute notebook
  • 2 of Shawna’s lovely brooches
  • The cutest little handmade soap
  • and some delicious sounding green tea

Yep, she definitely spoiled me!! And certainly included something Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

As always, Thanks for stopping by xx


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