I’ve arrived at Camp, and I never want to leave…

So today was the first day of IGGPPCamp (or IggleCamp to those in the know) and it has been an absolute blast!


I have participated in so many fun activities and there’s still another 5 days to go!

The activities are split into different sections, and everyone has the option to joins in as many or as few as they wish. Some are open to the whole camp, where you participate individually; others are only open to members of the same troop, whist yet more are to be completed b working together within each individual troop.

My first activity of the day was The Great Closet Cosplay Challenge , an Everyday Cosplay challenge with a different daily prompt. The idea is that you create a wearable nod to your chosen character, using only items from your wardrobe. The Day 1prompt was Disney Prince OR Princess, I grabbed a soft brown skirt, matching vest top & turquoise pendant before brushing my hair out straight(ish)…and….Voila!…emerged as Pocahontas (if you were standing 100 feet away and were squinting).


Next was a spot of Troop Lumos cookery with Camp Counselor Dittany .   She has put together a fabulous collection of daily dishes for as all to cook together, and very kindly supplied us all with grocery lists so we could be prepared. She is really committed and repeats the live cook-together THREE times a day, so as many Iggles as possible can take part whenever suits them best.


Today’s recipe was Pizza Pockets, and they were DELICIOUS!

IGGPPCamp Craft ChallengeAnother popular activity is the Daily Craft Challenges, hosted by Counselor Gillyweed.


Today, we were making the cutest little painted wooden Hakuna Matata pendants.

Crafts Troop Lumos

There are also Troop craft activities, and Dittany had put together a neat tutorial on making adorable little paper lanterns. I fondly remember making these at school so couldn’t wait to give it a go!

I also finally got to open my awesome Camp Care Package Swap. I have waited patiently for camp to arrive and the lovely goodies my care-giver chose for me were so worth the wait!

I’ve actually got a blog post all about the Care Package Swap, I’m just waiting to publish it once I get confirmation that the extra Angel package i sent has been received. I don’t want to risk ruining any surprises!

In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at the contents of the box I received from Jo:


And can you believe? There was still more!!

There are a number of different photo scavenger hunt challenges held over the course of the week.

The big one is The Troop Hunt, each troop gets the same 30 prompts and the first troop to submit their completed (& verified!) list, wins.

The catch is, each person can only submit ONE photo, so you have to think cleverly.

I chose No. 16 and submitted a photo of my Hakuna Matata pendant.

A similar solo hunt has also proved entertaining, and I’ve ticked off quite a few on the list already.

There is also a Troop specific hunt.

I’ve been having a lot of fun snapping pictures for it too!

And the best bit is… we get to do it all again tomorrow!!

I’m heading off to toast some marshmallows now, but please share you favourite things about camp in the comments. 


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