All good things must come to an end…

And that includes IGGPPCamp and school holidays!

Well, it was back to work on Monday, with the kids being back in school on Tuesday (which was somewhat of a shock to the system!).

I probably won’t be continuing to post daily, as I did during my break and may take a few weeks to work out what days & times are going to work best for me. I hope you can bear with me.


Iggle news


Camp was a huge amount of fun and I can’t wait till next year!

I participated in lots of activities, from crafting to baking to building blanket forts.




I also had altogether too much fun doing the Everyday Cosplay Challenge


And attempting a bunch of the photo scavenger hunts


Actually, talking about Scavenger Hunts…
Troop Lumos won the Troop Hunt!
Because we’re awesome!


My fellow Lumosites are a total hoot and although Camp is officially over for this year, there are still plenty shenanigans afoot in our cabin 😉

In other news…

Do you remember my recent stationery giveaway?
Well, news has been filtering in of the goody bags being delivered and so far the winners seem pretty happy with what they received.

In the meantime, I might have purchased more stationery…so look out for another giveaway coming soon!

One last hurrah!


Monday evening was gorgeous (have you noticed that is always the way? School starts back, weather immediately gets good!?) so we set off across the river for fish & chips by the water (followed by a walk to tick off my last few scavenger pictures!).

I’ll be back soon with another crafty DIY, bye for now!
Crafty x


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