5 Fandom Friday : Crossovers That Would Make My Heart Explode

The 5 Fandom Friday prompt this week is so perfect, That It Could Make My Heart Explode!

Crossovers are something that (I believe) happen a lot in fanfiction but not as often as we might hope in actuality.
(Unless you count Grissom stopping by to help Horatio Kane on a particularly tricky case…)

So, I set to thinking which crossovers might make my heart explode.


1. Alice in Neverland

I imagine Alice would get on well with the Lost Boys. I also imagine the Queen of Hearts would be as worthy an adversary to Peter as Hook!

2. StarTrekGate

I really enjoyed SGU, the latest offering in the StarGate franchise, possibly in part because it reminded me of Star Trek. It was a pity it wasn’t renewed for another series.

3. Indiana Croft

We all love Indiana Jones, even with his somewhat misogynistic tendancies but imagine the sparks if he had to buddy up with the very capable Lara in Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark.

4. Wholock

I’m both a Whovian and a Sherlockian, and have been since before the current incarnations. That being said, I haven’t watched a huge amount of the ‘new’ Sherlock but from what I have seen, I think a crossover could work pretty well.
Given that they are both BBC funded/produced and some of the crew go between the two already, logistically at least, it looks like it could/should work.

Indeed, there have been hints and rumours circulating for a while of such a thing so you never know!

5. Hitchhikers Guide to Middle Earth

I adore the writings of both Adams and Tolkien, and although they are vastly different, I also see a lot of similarities in their storytelling.

What about you? Which crossovers would you like to see? Please share in the comments below.

Exploding heart graphic by Kahlia Knox


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