Back to School Stationery Swap

If you are a regular visitor here, you’ll know I have a ‘thing’ for stationery.
ALL stationery: paper, pens, postcards, stickers, notebooks, envelopes, tape, stamps, lettersets, clips; you name it, I love it, collect it & have way too much of it!

BUT it’s the start of a new school term and you know what that means….

Back To School stationery aisles!!

It’s awful, I can’t just skip past them; I have to go look at the pretties. The other night we nipped to the supermarket for 10 minutes to pick up some butter & some salad ingredients for the following night’s dinner and I managed to find my way into THREE stationery aisles. THREE.

We have survived a 3rd week back to school here so some of the school ranges are now reduced.
What’s better than buying stationery? That will be buying stationery that has gone on clearance!!! Yes, I gave in. No, I didn’t buy more than 4 notebook/journal type things…

I have one teen still at high school and one in her third year at university, will either of them receive any of the back to school purchases I’ve made? Probably not! 😁

But, YOU might!

If, like me, you are a lover of Back to School Stationery; then why not sign up to my Back To School Stationery Swap?


I want this to be fun, inexpensive & super easy; so I’d suggest a budget of £5/€5/$5 .
Suggested contents of your swap package could be:

  • Notebook/journal/planner
  • Writing implements (pens/pencils etc)
  • Decorative items; such as stickers, tape etc
  • A little stationery knick-knack such as shaped erasers, sticky notes, cute paperclips, or a fancy sharpener if you included pencils.


Please feel free to include CLEAN, UNUSED items you may already have in your stash (if you are anything like me you have new supplies secreted around the house. You know, for EMERGENCIES, like when the entire planet runs out of stocks of Hello Kitty notebooks. Or there is a world shortage of decorative tape. That sort of cataclysmic event.)



To sign up, just shoot an email to me at with Back To School Stationery Swap in the subject line, and include the following info:


  • Name
  • Full mailing address
  • Email
  • Are you willing to ship internationally? (I will try my very best to pair you up according to your preference)

And optional:

  • Social media : if you don’t mind me sharing your twitter /IG etc with your swap partner, please feel free to add these too
  • Your favourite colours/styles/themes etc, your swap buddy may choose to tailor your package to your likes but is under no obligation to do so.

Sign ups will be accepted until Sunday 13th September, at which point I shall start emailing pairs.

You have until September 30th to mail your swap.

Please feel free to share/bribe/cajole your friends & family to join in – the more the merrier.

You do NOT have to be heading Back to School to participate!

Can you resist the Back to School aisles? What’s your favourite Back to School item? Please share in the comments.