Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day!!

Chocolate Cupcake Day? Now that’s one day of celebration that we can all get behind, right?

Teen1 treated me to coffee & cake today, so of course, it had to be chocolate.


Did you indulge in chocolate cupcakes today?


We’re all mad here….

October 6th is International Mad Hatter’s Day, so designated as a reference to the card in the character’s hat band; as shown in John Tenniel’s original illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.


The card in question reads: “In This Style, 10/6” meaning that his milliner would create; for you; a similarly styled hat for the princely sum of Ten Shillings and Sixpence, old money.

The idea of celebrating Mad Hatter’s Day originated in 1986 with a group of computer-folk in Boulder, Colorado; hence the 10/6 date transcribing as October 6. Indeed, if it had originated on Carroll’s home shores, we would be celebrating on the 10th of June!!

The day dedicated to celebrating silliness gained popularity in both computer networks and wider circles, subsequently being recognised as an official holiday in 1988.

Why “As Mad As A Hatter”?

The term As Mad As A Hatter is purported to be based in some historical fact. 18th & 19th century hatters, or milliners, were subjected daily to large amounts of toxic fumes.

The mercury salt solution which felt was soaked in before being moulded to shape, often by hand, could well have induced mercury poisoning; a condition affecting the nervous system and producing symptoms such as involuntary twitches & trembling. You can see why the sufferer may well appear deranged to an onlooker!

“Anyone can go by horse or rail, but the absolute best way to travel is by hat.”

Why not celebrate this frabjous day by donning one of these and making your muchness a little muchier…

  1. What about channelling your inner Cowgirl with a cute Straw Cowboy Hat?
£9.99, New Look

£9.99, New Look

2. You could even try a replica Mad Hatter’s Hat available to order from     Burrellios on etsy for £34.50 plus shipping.

il_570xN.842291551_lz4f il_570xN.842291591_af4d


Batman Bobble Hat, £5, Primark.

Batman Bobble Hat, £5, Primark.

4. Or what about a pretty little Tea Party Top Hat from DivineHatDesigns, also on etsy.

Made to order in a choice of colours, £ plus shipping.

Made to order in a choice of colours, £43.83 plus shipping.

5. And finally, a White Dalek Beanie Hat

£38.99 plus £17 shipping, Amazon

£38.66 plus £17 shipping, Amazon

It’s….International Taco Day!!

Yep, you read right, it’s International Taco Day! So in celebration of this delicious offering of deliciousness, here are 5 taco-inspired treats…

1. Taco Stationery



A set of 12 die-cut notecards; featuring a choice of beef, carnitas, veggie, or shrimp tacos; envelopes and a sticker sheet of garnishes make it easy to send tasty tidings to friends, family and fellow taco lovers.
Qué bueno!

Available from various stationery suppliers for between £10-£14

2. Taco Tees


How cute is that?
Cats & Tacos, the perfect pairing!

3. Taco Jewellery

Sites like Etsy are full of Taco jewellery, some of my personal favourites are:

These taco earrings by UK-based Sour Cherry


And this cute bracelet from Canadian BiteSize Minatures


4. Taco Handbag


For those of you who thought that Tacos were a cheap & cheerful snack, think again! This Charlotte Olympia clutch was on offer during the summer, bearing a rather hefty $1,295 price tag.
5. TACOS!!


They include a pack of soft tacos, sachet of pork seasoning and sachet of pineapple seasoning.
All you add is some pork fillets, fresh or canned pineapple, onion & coriander.

Kits can be purchased from most major supermarkets for around £2.50-£3.50, although we recently stumbled upon some offered at £1.50 as a limited time special offer.

So, did YOU celebrate International Taco Day? If so, please share below!