BabyCakes ❤

It’s getting to that time of year…

Day are getting longer, weather getting warmer (marginally!), birds are singing, and it’s nearly time for lambs and the likes.

And so it seems, it’s also time for lots & LOTS of new tiny humans.

Why does there seem to be such a huge number of pregnancies around me??
So many!!

Anyway, yesterday, myself and a couple of colleagues attended a baby shower for another workmate.

C., the mum-to-be, already has 2 boys and this little one is of the sugar & spice variety. As you can probably imagine, yesterday involved a lot of pink!


Lil Miss C was a bit of a surprise, so mum & dad were pretty much starting from scratch when it came to baby goods. We had already organised larger collective gifts from everyone at work in the form of boring things like bottles & sterliser and changing units but obviously didn’t want to turn up empty-handed to the party.

If you’re a regular around here, you might remember my sock-cakes and that is where the inspiration for my little gift came from:



Similar to sock cakes, these are rolled baby items.

I picked up a couple of inexpensive multipacks of vests and a cute little all I one romper suit with matching hat.

Packaging is one of those cardboard cupcake boxes. Previously I have made these sort of cakes singly but babies call for an extra bit of spoiling, so this one holds 6 cupcakes.

Build up your box, and insert the holder.

I slipped the little romper suit in the base before fitting the sheet.

Next I rolled the cupcake wraps and taped the flaps.

For the first cake, I rolled up the matching hat (it was so cute, with little ears) and popped it in a case before inserting in the box.

The hat was pink, so I rolled 2 pink vests into cakes, then repeated with 3 white.


I put each cake in the box in an alternating pattern.



I finished them off with matching toppers.

A wrap of pink ribbon and a little paper doily finished it off prettily.



Mum-to-be seemed quite pleased to receive my little gift.

Even if they weren’t as tasty as these cakes


Have you tried any fun ways to present a less than exciting gift? Please share!
Thanks for stopping by,


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