Last Minute Christmas

So…it’s less than a week to go, and our preparations are waaayyyy behind. This is nothing new. Our tree has finally gone up on Christmas Eve on more than one occasion. We are often to be found still wrapping gifts at 4 am on Christmas morning.

But… Ya know what? My kids have never not had a Christmas yet!!

So in honour of any other procrastinators out there, I am bringing you a week’s worth of Last Minute Christmas ideas; that are quick, cheap, but nonetheless amazingly impressive, and will keep your domestic goddess status intact.
Recent weeks have been a whirlwind of events, between kids exams, concerts, nights out etc and the odd evening in needs something chocolatey to veg out in front of the telly with. But, you have all these other things needing done so can’t really justify spending hours tempering chocolate, right!?

Well, I have the answer: 

5-10 minutes prep time, a few ££s of ingredients and you have enough sweet treats to put yourself into a coma on the sofa AND bag some up for some rather impressive looking gifts.


So, just how easy is it?.. I hear you ask!?

  • Firstly, line a baking tray with paper.
  • Melt some chocolate & spread it across paper
  • Add some toppings

SERIOUSLY!!! That’s it!!

*For stuff like the peppermint one:

Melt chocolate, pour onto sheet & spread out. If doing 2 layers, leave to set slightly (5 mins) before repeating with next choc.

Immediately sprinkle with choice of topping, press in place. Allow to set, then cut or snap into shards.
*For the cranberry & pistachio style: 

melt choc, stir half the topping stuff through, & spread on paper, then sprinkle remaining stuff on top & press in.


*Works with any type of chocolate.

*Any toppings: dried fruits, nuts, crushed candy cane, space dust, mini marshmallows, m&ms, hundreds & thousands….
*You can marble two chocs rather than setting in layers
Will keep in an airtight container for a week or fridge for a month.
What combination do you fancy? What flavour do you try? Let me know!! Comment below, or tag me on social media if you share pictures.

See you tomorrow with another idea!


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