The Scent of Christmas : A Last Minute Christmas idea

Another last minute Christmas idea!

This one takes minutes to prep, can be left to do it’s thing, and can be used as both a gift or as festive decorations – WIN / WIN!!


  1. First, preheat your oven to around 80°C
  2. Cut orange(s) into slices, around ” thick
  3. Lay on oven rack and bake for around 3 hours

The slices will be slightly sticky when they come out, but will dry further in time.

  • Add cloves for extra interest. Using a cocktail stick, pierce holes around the outside ring of skin; then insert cloves into each hole.
  • OR, stud the inner rim with cloves.
  • OR, make a slit in the flesh, just below rind, where; after drying; you can tie a ribbon or string hanging loop.


  • Use as pot pourri
  • Add hanging loops and use as tree decorations (the warmth of tree lights can bring out the fragrance)
  • Thread onto parcel ribbon to embellish your Christmas gifts
  • Bundle together in a cellophane bag or box, tie with ribbon, and gift to a friend or loved one

*These add a lovely festive fragrance to any parcel, especially when combined with a cinnamon stick or two!!
Have you tried them? Let me know in the comments how you used them, or tag me if you share on social media marketing


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