Starting Over

Yep, Spring has sprung.

The days are getting warmer/brighter/longer.

Things are growing (i know this because i can feel it in my twitchy itchy nose)
And I am starting over. My blogging has been haphazard and I have been MIA for a while, but I have decided to rectify this.
I have the next week off work, and aim to get a new blogging regime underway!

I say I’m off, like I’m on holiday : I have a few overtime evening shifts, OH is taking lead on a new project that means he’ll probably be in work and working late although technically he is also taking a weeks holiday, then we have to fit in trips to 2 different cities for Offspring#2 to visit Uni campuses, and see both sets of parents…

 So, whilst we aren’t actually going ‘away’ on holiday, there’s going to be an awful lot of travelling.
 Nerves are slightly frayed at home. Offspring#1 is in the midst of her final year University dissertation, and Offspring#2 has various assignments to submit in school before next month’s exams, and; kudos to them; neither felt they could justify bunking off for a week. I think actually going away somewhere would have been easier!!

So yeah, in amongst all the many things on the communal To-Do List; Revamp Blog is there somewhere…
I’m planning to finalise my plans over the weekend, but so far my themes are;

  • Crafty Makes : I intend to keep DIY tutorials ongoing as these have always been a recurring theme.
  • Snailmail : again, this is an important aspect of my life and I would like to showcase it further.
  •  History also Events / Exhibitions
  • Recipes
  • Reviews : books mostly; but possible films, TV, music etc. I have always been a voracious reader and recently have been indulging in new (to me!) ways to read. I could never completely give up the smell & feel of a ‘real’ book, but have finally come around to (and am indeed actively embracing!) the ease of digital books.
  • Other/ Product Reviews: I’m somewhat of a subscription addict; especially ones that fuel my passions regarding  a stationery, books,, and geekery! Alongside a core selection that I regularly receive, I love trying new ones. I particularly like to support new and indie sub services; and would love to share them!
  • Interesting & Intriguing Projects​ : I’m always coming across projects that pique my interest, everything from daily prompt led journalling challenges to actual do-something-good for the world stuff, it’s always useful to raise awareness and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

I’m currently leaning towards the idea of having a set day for each themes posts (Mail Call Monday or SnailMail Saturday or Sunday Crafternoon etc)  If  YOU do something similar, does it work? Will it (as i hope) encourage me to explore & share themes regularly, or will I feel stifled by having it regimented? Would a half & half system work better; a certain number of days being recurring slots, with the rest allowing for more varied postings?  
Anyway, I’m hoping you stick around and see what changes i come up with!

As always, thanks for reading, and please share your thoughts and ideas!
Love and hugs,

Crafty xx


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