A Sunny Saturday in 1300s Arbroath

Arbroath Abbey has always been a favourite haunt and we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve visited over the years.
It is a place of calm tranquility, steeped in history, and I always feel at peace there.

This weekend there is a re-enactment event; held annually in honour of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath (6th April 1320); so today’s visit wasn’t quite as tranquil, what with the clash of swords as the Scots & English forces battled through the Wars of Independence.

The medieval encampment came courtesy of The Historic Saltire Society, a living history group based in Inverness who perform all over the country.

The society members are all very friendly and eager to talk about the history of the period.

We all had an attempt at some medieval calligraphy using quills, reeds and iron gall ink.

The professionals made us some personalised bookmarks to show us how it is really done…

In our defense, they did get to use proper nibs!

We also saw how cloth would have been woven.

The lunch tent was well-frequented, although somewhat surprisingly there wasn’t a cauldron of pottage in sight!

The camp jester was on hand to show us various medieval games & pastimes.

The Armoury was a lot of fun! The guy we spoke to spent ages talking us through all the protective clothing and weapons. 

There is always ample opportunity for audience participation.

Offspring #2 found himself conscripted into the schiltron.

Whilst the kids army is always fun

Obviously the finale is The Big Battle… 

The event continues on Sunday, so if you happen to be around Arbroath, pop along!

Oh, and no trip to Arbroath can be complete without a good portion of fish and chips!

We can definitely recommend The Bellrock.

Do you have any annual local events you enjoy attending?

Have you heard of Arbroath Abbey, or The Declaration?

I’d love to hear!


Crafty xx


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