[Book Review] ‘DON’T WAKE UP’ by Liz Lawler

TITLE: Don’t Wake Up

AUTHOR: Liz Lawler

GENRE: Thriller


PAGES: 320

PUBLISHED BY: Twenty7 / Bonnier Zaffre


ISBN: 978175770586

PRICE: £3.99

What’s the story?

Dr Alex Taylor has it all. A promising career, good looks, the respect of her colleagues, stylish apartment, close friends, brains, new car, gorgeous veterinarian boyfriend Patrick, she can even fly a helicopter.

But all that starts to crumble the night it happens.

After coming off shift, she changes for a date with Patrick (she even thinks this might be the night he proposes) and heads out to the hospital carpark to meet him. The next thing she is aware of is coming around, naked, in theatre. At first she is unsure why she is there; were they in a car accident? Is Patrick ok? Was she runover in the carpark?

Then a doctor appears; or rather, someone claiming to be a doctor. Alex is terrified and thinks she is going to be killed, raped or both.

When she regains consciousness again, she finds herself in a cubicle in her own A&E department. One of the hospital security guards had found her lying beneath a tree in the carpark and her friends and colleagues are understandably concerned. Then she starts to tell them what happened, however she appears unharmed. Other than a bump to the head, there is no sign of any trauma and she was found fully clothed.

Doubts are cast on her mental state, by both the police and those around her, and she finds herself unbelieved.

Drinking too much, and selfmedicating, her behaviour seems to become more and more erractic both at work and in her personal life. She feels let down by the police, who find no reason to investigate further; betrayed by her boyfriend’s ready acceptance that she is deluded; and her career is under threat because of errors she is seen to have made.

When another possible victim shows up in the hospital, Alex alerts the police; but by this time the evidence is starting to point to the good doctor being to blame. 

She finds a friend in a previously not close colleague, but is this a case of that old adage “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

My thoughts

Don’t Wake Up is a well written thriller, full of suspense and the many twists wellplaced throughout the fastpaced narrative keep you guessing.

A very exciting debut novel, I can’t wait to read more from Liz Lawler.

My rating

I give Don’t Wake Up 5 out of 5 stars, because it was a suspense-filled thriller which I couldn’t put down! 

I would recommend Don’t Wake Up to those who enjoy thrillers, phsycological thrillers and/or medical dramas. A great read.

The Author

Born in Chatham and raised in Dublin, Liz Lawler now lives in Bath with her husband. Over 20 years past experience as an A&E nurse helped add a huge amount of realism to the practices & procedures of the fictional department. 

You can connect with  @AuthorLizLawler via Twitter.

: I received and read a free ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review.


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