If it fits in an envelope, it’s still a card

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today.
Over the years, I have pushed the boundaries of what counts as a card (1/2 size 3D replica shoes, complete with shoebox, to match the handbag we bought her being one example. The birthday greeting was found on the label inside.) but as this one fits inside an envelope, I think I am justified in calling it a card!

The base box is cut, scored and folded from one A4 sheet of card.

Cross strips to add depth to your arrangement of embellishments can be made from card or heavyweight acetate.

It’s easier to apply the outer box décor before you stick the box together. In this case, I used a few offcuts of co-ordinating 12″ scrapbooking paper.

Once you insert the supports inside, you can start building up your display.

I used some fabric flowers, layered onto card stems; and added some ‘MUM’ bunting and a tiny card and envelope which adds a personal message.

The basic design can be embellished to suit a variety of ages & occasions :

  • New Home? Make the outer box out of Kraft card, and embelish with household items
  • Baby? Fill with toys, rattles & other baby accoutrements
  • Birthday ‘Gift’ filled with party accessories such as party hats, balloons, champagne glasses etc
  • Favourite hobbies
  • A favourite book, film or TV show can offer many ideas for objects to utilise
  • Wedding? Hearts, flowers, champagne, rings etc. Often an invitation will hint at the colourscheme for the day, so you can create a keepsake and greeting in one!
  • Favourite characters make great themes for children’s birthdays.

What themes would you make one for? And how would you embellish it?

It would be great if you shared your ideas!


Crafty xx


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