[MailCall Monday] 5 June 2017

The May #Paperhaul

Technically this should have been featured in last Week’s roundup but it ended up mistakenly going through a neighbour’s letterbox on Saturday and didn’t make it’s way home till Tuesday…

The May Paperhaul theme was Flamingo Flavour, and featured lovely pink flamingoes, hibiscus flowers and lush green ferny palm fronds, all in tropical shades of coral pinks and deep forest greens.

You can get a closer look at what was included by checking out my May Paperhaul review.

Book-ish Mail

The latest issue of oh comely magazine dropped through my letterbox.

It’s always a lovely read, full of interesting articles are swoonworthy photos.

And not a ‘which celeb is cheating on who with their neighbour’s dog’s pregnant husband’ story in sight!!

A Timely Treat from Prestige Flowers

Friday afternoon brought a rather exciting delivery, in the form of a large cardboard box from Prestige Flowers.

I had recently been in contact with them regarding reviewing a bouquet from their birthday flowers range and somewhat coincidentally, delivery had been arranged for the weekend before my birthday!

Of course, you’ll need to wait for my review post to find out exactly which bouquet I received!

Was there anything interesting in your mailbox this week?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xx


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