A Birthday Bouquet from Prestige Flowers

There’s something wonderful about receiving a delivery of flowers, it makes you feel special, don’t you think?
So, of course, I was delighted when the lovely folks at Prestige Flowers offered to send me a bouquet from their Birthday Flowers range to review for you all.

(I would like to point out that the timing of this was a serendipitous coincidence, and had nothing to do with the fact that it was actually my birthday the following week!

I think…)

Delivery & Packaging

I had been informed to expect delivery on the Friday, I assume if you are the person ordering a bouquet for delivery you would receive tracking information; allowing you to access up to date information on your shipment.

Late afternoon a rather cheery courier arrived at the door, carrying a substantial cardboard box.

The Contents

On opening the box, the first thing I noted was how snugly the large handtied bouquet was secured inside the box.

On removing the bouquet, I discovered it was wellwrapped in thick cellophane and had a damp cotton pad secured around the cut stems. This struck me as a particularly efficient and thoughtful way to keep the flowers fresh during transit.

Here’s my glamorous assistant showing how well wrapped the bouquet is.

I then found another intriguing package inside the outer box….

Closer inspection revealed that this contained a large clear glass vase!

The correctly sized vase, and the already prettily arranged & tied bouquet meant that in a matter of minutes (long enough to trim an inch off the stems and mix the enclosed flower food with some water) I had a lovely floral display to admire. 

Also included was a handy care guide; complete with detachable voucher offering £5 off next purchase, another voucher featuring a discount from Naked Wines, and a lovely little gift card bearing a sweet note.

I did indeed enjoy the flowers Michael, thanks very much! 😀

Finally, nestled right at the bottom, I discovered a cute little box of chocolate truffles. These are an optional extra which you can choose to add to your floral gift, completely free of charge. 

The Bouquet

This particular bouquet is entitled Blue Lagoon; a name perfectly in keeping with the stunning selection of flowers, in various shades of blue and white, which it features.

The Blue Lagoon bouquet is currently available to order for £29.99, with medium & large versions an additional £5 & £10 respectively.

Blooms included are:

  • Fresh Lilies,
  • Eryngium,
  • White Chrysanthemums,
  • Reagan Chrysanthemums,
  • Statice,
  • All framed with the beautiful fronds of two palm leaves.

I thought the almost marbled-like colouring on the brightly dyed chrysanthemums was particularly enchanting and loved the fact that they had kept white petals here and there for added interest. I also love that they include the eryngium, I’m a sucker for some prickly sea-holly!

How did it compare to the website?

When I compared the bouquet I received with that which was advertised, I felt it was a reasonable replication.


The Blue Lagoon bouquet as it appears​ on the website.

The bouquet appears significantly fuller in online​ shots (which feature the medium-sized version of the bouquet). I can only assume that the stems are cut much shorter and the bouquet is presented in a far smaller vase than that which I received. That being said, I think the number of blooms included in my bouquet was more than satisfactory.

My bouquet, straight after unpacking.

After 10 days.


How well did they last?

I received the bouquet on the Friday, the first lily didn’t open until the Tuesday and the next on the Wednesday; the final one finally bloomed on the following Sunday, by which time some of the other flowers were looking a little tired.

After dead-heading and a quick rearrange, the flowers lasted another couple of days.

I have now had this bouquet for two weeks but, whilst it was definitely starting to look past it’s best, I still have a reasonable looking bunch after again removing the tired heads before rearranging the remainder​ into a smaller vase.


How Would I Rate Prestige Flowers?

  • Quality: Very impressed.
  • Value: When compared to other online floral delivery services, they are towards the less expensive end of the spectrum, a fact belied by the high standard.
  • Appearance: A varied selection of blooms, some more unusual ones are included. More delicate headed flowers are sent in bud form for freshness.
  • Delivery/Packaging: Packaged carefully to ensure arrival in good condition.
  • Longevity: 2+ weeks seems reasonable, especially as during this particularly warm spell, there have also been a few periods of temperature fluctuation.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend  Prestige Flowers to anyone wishing to purchase and send a bouquet via a delivery service.


I received this item free of charge, in return for a blog post including an honest review of the product and service.

When is the last time you sent or received flowers? Which are your favourite blooms? 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xx


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