[MailCall Monday] 10th July 2017

A Package of Packaging

Sometimes a plain grey mailing bag can hide wonderous things….

I couldn’t resist these brightly coloured mailers in funky designs when I saw then recently.

A Punch-y Parcel

As the owner of a MAMBI Happy Planner, I have long coveted one of these punches to make my own inserts and dashboards etc.

A price reduction (and the justification that it could pay for itself by me making and selling these for others*) finally convinced me to order one.
*There are MANY crafty/ arty/ stationery/ techy/ makery/ gadgety supplies & instruments bought worldwide due to this very justification, I AM NOT ALONE!! 

Spoiling Myself

So, I’ve been working a lot during what is supposed to be my 6 weeks school holidays, but during my lunch break  a the other  a day I got an email offering me a deal from New Look that was too good to refuse. If I spent £50 or more on their website within a two-hour window that day, I would receive a £25 voucher. It seemed like a pretty good deal!

I had been eyeing one particular skirt for a while (in fact, I had even tried it on in store), but didn’t really want to pay the £29.99 price tag. But now?? Hmmmm, it would give me something new to wear for dinner during our weekend away. So, I quickly followed the necessary steps to register for the deal and RESULT! The skirt was reduced to £20!! I added some tops and summery vests and placed my order.

So, somewhat disappointingly, when it arrived and I tried The.Skirt.Of.My.Dreams on in something other than changing room lighting; I discovered the lining was entirely useless and you could see through it completely. So, it’s going back and I don’t get my £25 voucher. *sad face*
Moral of the story: if you are going to buy this skirt, don’t!

The lining also looks like it works on the online pictures. Grrr!


I received the rather intriguingly titled Madame Bildungsroman’s Optimistic Worldview ; written by Nora Chassler and published by Valley Press; via a Goodreads giveaway.

Watch out for my review!

Some Sunflower Seeds

We’re planning a household Battle Royale-esque Sunflower growing competition using these seeds we received from CHF Entertainment, who are running a Pip Ahoy! tallest Sunflower challenge in conjunction with Thompson & Morgan .

They had 5000 packs of Sunflower Sadie Seeds to give away, so why not visit www.pipahoy.com to see if you can request a pack?

You can also follow @PipAhoyUK on both Twitter & Instagram to see how everyones sunflowers are doing 🌻

So, how has your mailbox been treating you?


Crafty xx


3 thoughts on “[MailCall Monday] 10th July 2017

      • Can imagine, hate when that happens. You gear yourself up for getting that special something & look so forward to it then a let down just ruins the whole experience doesn’t it? Hopefully there’s a better one out there for you

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