Mamamail is a project devised by the lovely people at The Paperdashery.

It is a charitable exchange where new mums can sign up to receive some happymail, and other(mostly mum)s can sign up to do the sending.

So far I’ve participated twice, and I’d like to continue to do so.

I suffered quite badly with PND with my first and the worry it would happen a second time out a bit of a dampener on what should have been a time for celebration with the second. I was lucky in that I had lots of support around me during a horrible time, but I firmly believe that you can NEVER have too much support at such an exhausting and emotional time, and sometimes it takes a stranger telling you that “Actually, you’re doing okay!” for you to believe it.

My first Mama was a lovely Mum named Michelle, she had recently given birth to her second daughter and was struggling with being tired and hungry (I could relate to that! Offspring#2 was a boy who liked to feed!)

She describes herself as creative, tired, and hungry and said that food and sleep made her happy!

I put together a package of treats for her; chocolate, tea, biscuits, toiletries, and a little crafty sewing kit as she had mentioned she was creative.

I knew it would be another few days before I would be able to get to the post office so, on the way home from an event that night, I popped a cheery little card in the mail; just so she knew someone was thinking about her.

A few days later I found she had tagged me in a social media post about the project, and mentioned how my Mamamail had brightened her day. She also, unexpectedly, sent me a message of thanks; which was really sweet of her. (This did however give me the opportunity to ‘meet’ her via Instagram and I just have to say that she has THE cutest girls ever!)

That gave me such a warm feeling, that I immediately offered to sign up for another round.

My next Mama is Kate, she describes herself as creative, passionate, and independent; but at the moment she is struggling with Post Natal Depression. Cats and chocolate make her happy, so I’m planning to incorporate those into her Mamamail.

I am currently putting together a little box of self care treats for Kate, and am writing a note of solidarity, in the hope that I can bring a moment of cheer to a cloudy day.

The Mamamail project is so incredibly worthwhile, and if you think you may be interested in participating in this rewarding endeavour, I urge you to go and take a look at the details and sign up.

The Paperdashery even have a great range of products suitable for #Mamamail , starting at under a pound!

Mamamail senders also receive a code for £5 off a £15 spend at The Paperdashery, but; to be honest; I’ve never cashed mine in as I signed up for the sole purpose of brightening someone’s day NOT to see what I could get out of it.

Have you heard of Mamamail? Would you consider signing up to send or receive? Or do you participate in other charitable mailing projects? Why not share in the comments below?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xxx


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