[MailCall Monday] 29 May 2017

Last week was certainly busier on the mail front!


This week brought two ARCs from publishers Bonnier-Zaffre, via ReadersFirst. They actually arrived as I was packing for a weekend away, so the timing was perfect!

The two books could not be more different!

The Mayfly by James Hazel, with it’s murder and intrigue, is certainly more like my usual choice of reading material.

Whilst The Farm Girl’s Dream by Eileen Ramsay seems rather different to the historical fiction I would normally select, I was intrigued by the fact it was set in and around my local area. I’ve picked up a little bit about both farming in Angus and the mills of Dundee during the Victorian era, so I’m eager to find out how accurate it is!

Both are published on June 15th, so keep a lookout for my reviews nearer the time! 

A Thank You Gift

I must admit to being somewhat confused by this one, as although the envelope bore the sender’s franking, there was no covering note included.

It was only afterwards that I had a vague recollection of completing a survey for museum services at one of the local universities.

Dundee University Museum Services is run by a delightful chap by the name of Matthew; and as well as curating fantastic zoological & medical history museums; they organise a varied programme of exhibitions, talks and events throughout the year.

A Cutie Fruity (May Boxcitement)

I was surprised to receive this as it doesn’t seem like a whole month since I told you about the last one!

Anyway, I’m just giving you a sneak peek as I’ll be posting a full unboxing later in the week

 In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Boxcitement you can check their website, or see my review of last month’s ‘Lost in the Woods’ box (where you’ll also find a code for 10% off your first box!)

A Stationery Swap

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a swap, but when I noticed the lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence was hosting one of her regular #BringBackPaper Stationery swaps, I had to join in. 

She runs these very efficiently, you just email a note of interest and include your address, then she pairs you up with someone and emails you both the others address. You then have until the end of the month to send your partner a selection of stationery goodies, with a budget of £5 (and yeah, of course I always manage to stick to that)  

This time I was paired with someone named Stephanie, from London. I don’t think I’ve come across Steff before, but perhaps I’ll now get a comment saying “Hey! It’s MEEEE!! You know me as xxxx on yyyy

When I saw the nicely tape decorated envelope, I knew what it was, as I recognised the return address on the sender’s label as being the one I had written on my parcel a few days before. 

Inside the envelope, I found a decorated cellophane bag full of lovely papery bits.

There was a good mix of stickers, paper, tape samples, postcards & embellishments.

I loved having a good rummage, especially discovering what sort of treasures were in the stuffed envelopes.

I just hope Steff enjoyed opening her goodies as much as I enjoyed opening mine! 
So, that was the contents of my mailbox, did you receive any interesting mail last week?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty, xxx


As many of you probably know, this is National Stationery Week (also, yayyy! excuses to buy stationery!)

Each day is dedicated to a different element of stationery, so why not play along with the Seven Days of Stationery?

 The theme this year is #WritingMatters, and there are lots of fun ways to encourage us all, adult and child alike to put pen to paper because #WritingMatters 

 There are lots of discounts, offers & giveaways throughout social media this week; and I’m trying to share as many as I can so make sure you follow me on Twitter!

Speaking of giveaways….


Have you entered mine yet? 

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Papery Peep : July 2015

Today is the last Wednesday of the month, so that means it’s Papery Peep time, over at The Reading Residence (if, like me, you have a paper fetish; you should pop over for a nosy – Jocelyn is a lady who knows how to do paper right 😉 )

Anyway, back to Papery Peep…

What is it?

Papery Peep is a Linky Jocelyn runs every month to assist in fueling one another’s love of all things papery, by sharing your paper-based escapades.

So, without further ado; please feel free to have a peep at my paper…

New acquisitions!

A new TIGER store opened in town (2 doors down from Paperchase – I’m doomed!) so I’ve popped in there a few times for a rummage.

I think one of my favourite TIGER finds is their parcel tape. Bright, fun & funky prints; plus, at £1 for a 30m x 5cm roll, it's an absolute bargain!

I think one of my favourite TIGER finds is their parcel tape. Bright, fun & funky prints; plus, at £1 for a 30m x 5cm roll, it’s an absolute bargain!

No, I didn’t stop at tape. No, I didn’t bypass Paperchase. I am weak.

There were delightfully fishy goings-on in this month's Paperhaul

There were delightfully fishy goings-on in this month’s Paperhaul


This month also brought some rather lovely #BringBackPaper Stationery Swap goodies from Hannah

My other papery shenanigans this month included:


Normally I devour books at an alarming rate but, looking back, this month has been pretty dire.

I raced through a few at the start of the month but I’ve been trudging through Requiem by Robyn Young for what seems like weeks. I don’t know why; it ticks a lot of the usual boxes:

  • Historical background
  • Political intrigue
  • Templars
  • A favourite era….

So I’m not sure why it’s such a struggle. Anyway, I feel that now I’m 3/4 way through, I need to finish it. It’s not that it’s a ‘bad’ book, otherwise I’d have ditched it a few hundred pages back. I guess I’ll finish it eventually!


There’s been quite a bit of writing this month!

Firstly, I’ve been making a concerted effort to make blogging a regular event, so there’s been a lot of jotting down ideas.

Then there was Postcrossing’s 10th Birthday and Summer Postcard Club, both of which involved the writing (& receiving!) of many postcards.


I’ve already shared some papery creations with you this month, through some crafty DIY posts:

I shared how to make cute little Happymail folders.

I shared how to make cute little Happymail folders.

If you missed that post, you can find it here.

I also shared 5 quick ways to use up some of our tape mountain

I also shared 5 quick ways to use up some of our tape mountain

You can see that post here.

There were a few other projects that I dabbled with, but they are either a WIP, or parts of swaps or gifts that haven’t been received yet; so they are under wraps for now!

One thing that I CAN share is my new planner:IMG_20150729_140918979

I’m a planner. I like to be organised. I list. I write lists of what lists I need to write. BUT I had never properly ‘joined’ The Planner community.


Now, one thing I don’t get is the idea of spending £50-£100 a time on multiple glorified diary/notebook combos (if that’s your thing, great! Me, personally, I’d rather spend my money on other things…) So, think of this as a sort of anti-planner. I bought a cheap ass planner (around £6 or £7 including shipping from halfway around the world) and set about adding to it. The pages that WERE in it have been supplemented with bits of my old planner book that had seen better days, I’ve been adding bits and bobs and generally just having a play around.


I’m eager to see how it evolves, but I’m super-impressed with it so far!

Anyway, that’s all for now; I need to catch the post office before it closes and there’s probably another visit to TIGER on the cards…bringbackpaper_zps23ee7e30

Thanks for stopping by! Xx

If you haven’t had your papery fill yet, remember there’s still time to enter my Stationery Giveaway!