Do You Even List?

I’m a Lister.
I list things.
I write lists.
I like to plan things.
I write lists of the lists I need to write.
I list because Listers Gotta List

So, a while back, when I came across a monthly challenge of that name; I thought “YEAH!! I have found my kinda people!!”

It’s a great way to embrace your creative plannery side! The organiser, Cori of , is super-lovely and mega-talented; and regularly shares her planner pictures & inspiration on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
There is also a fantastic #ListersGottaList community across all of these social media platforms and I must admit to having stalked them regularly since stumbling across the challenge near the end of April.

(The challenge launched in April and it is intended to keep going as long as people are interested in it. Given that the prompts were downloaded 25,000 times in the first month and word keeps spreading; I don’t think it’ll be ending anytime soon!)

Now, whilst I plan; I’m not a “Planner” planner, I don’t have all the fancy EC’s & PL’s & KikkiK’s or whatever they are….

I want to:

  • Keep this challenge achievable on a daily basis
  • Keep it going when I go back to work in a fortnight
  • Keep it inexpensive by using the supplies I already have
  • Double-up days, so as well as doing the August prompts, I’d like to work through each of the other months too

To that end, I’ve decided to use small notebooks rather than planner pages.
I picked up these awesome little notebooks in TIGER recently. They have kraft covers, lovely bamboo paper pages and come in packs of 3 for £1!!.
Initially I bought them intending to decorate the covers before gifting them to people but I soon realized they would be perfect for this.


I set about printing out the August prompts together with July’s free downloadable printable sheet of decorative ‘stickers’ (that were too cute not to!)

The July printables are really bright & fun, in what seems to be The Reset Girl colours of pinks, greens & yellows.

I chose some matching washi from my stash and set to work decorating my cover, in preparation of starting the challenge.image

Inside the front cover, I attached a handy cut-out list that Cori supplies along with the monthly prompt downloads, so you can keep track of thimage


I also added some helpful tips about decorating your pages.

Oh, and a cute “This book belongs to….” sticker, just because. :mrgreen:

The first prompt was “Favourite August Memories”, which gave me the idea of iimage

ncorporating August ephemera on my pages.
I decided to use a car parking ticket from one of our local country parks as my background for this page as it is somewhere we usually pop along to a few times over the summer. Plus, it was greenbonus!

All the challenge details can be found at

You can also sign up to receive the monthly prompt lists, newsletter and access free downloads & printables etc.

You can take a peek at everyone’s lists on Instagram/Facebook by using the hash tags #listersgottalist and/or #listersgottalistAUGUST (which is what I’m about to do!)

I’m really excited for this project and believe that by keeping it simple (at least this time around!) I will be able to complete the whole month no problem.

I am however, left with somewhat of a quandary. My little books have 32 sheets. This means I can:

  • Use one sheet per day, single side
  • Use one side per day but have the next day on the reverse
  • Incorporate double-page spreads when appropriate

It occurred to me that if I do a single page everyday and use both sides of a sheet, I’d reach the middle by the end of the month.
That means next month, I could flip the book over; the back becomes the front; and I can start working towards the middle again.
I’d be interested in your thoughts on this….

So, do YOU list?
Are you up for the challenge?
I’d love it if you shared in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading xx