[MailCall Monday] 29 May 2017

Last week was certainly busier on the mail front!


This week brought two ARCs from publishers Bonnier-Zaffre, via ReadersFirst. They actually arrived as I was packing for a weekend away, so the timing was perfect!

The two books could not be more different!

The Mayfly by James Hazel, with it’s murder and intrigue, is certainly more like my usual choice of reading material.

Whilst The Farm Girl’s Dream by Eileen Ramsay seems rather different to the historical fiction I would normally select, I was intrigued by the fact it was set in and around my local area. I’ve picked up a little bit about both farming in Angus and the mills of Dundee during the Victorian era, so I’m eager to find out how accurate it is!

Both are published on June 15th, so keep a lookout for my reviews nearer the time! 

A Thank You Gift

I must admit to being somewhat confused by this one, as although the envelope bore the sender’s franking, there was no covering note included.

It was only afterwards that I had a vague recollection of completing a survey for museum services at one of the local universities.

Dundee University Museum Services is run by a delightful chap by the name of Matthew; and as well as curating fantastic zoological & medical history museums; they organise a varied programme of exhibitions, talks and events throughout the year.

A Cutie Fruity (May Boxcitement)

I was surprised to receive this as it doesn’t seem like a whole month since I told you about the last one!

Anyway, I’m just giving you a sneak peek as I’ll be posting a full unboxing later in the week

 In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Boxcitement you can check their website, or see my review of last month’s ‘Lost in the Woods’ box (where you’ll also find a code for 10% off your first box!)

A Stationery Swap

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a swap, but when I noticed the lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence was hosting one of her regular #BringBackPaper Stationery swaps, I had to join in. 

She runs these very efficiently, you just email a note of interest and include your address, then she pairs you up with someone and emails you both the others address. You then have until the end of the month to send your partner a selection of stationery goodies, with a budget of £5 (and yeah, of course I always manage to stick to that)  

This time I was paired with someone named Stephanie, from London. I don’t think I’ve come across Steff before, but perhaps I’ll now get a comment saying “Hey! It’s MEEEE!! You know me as xxxx on yyyy

When I saw the nicely tape decorated envelope, I knew what it was, as I recognised the return address on the sender’s label as being the one I had written on my parcel a few days before. 

Inside the envelope, I found a decorated cellophane bag full of lovely papery bits.

There was a good mix of stickers, paper, tape samples, postcards & embellishments.

I loved having a good rummage, especially discovering what sort of treasures were in the stuffed envelopes.

I just hope Steff enjoyed opening her goodies as much as I enjoyed opening mine! 
So, that was the contents of my mailbox, did you receive any interesting mail last week?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty, xxx


Summer Postcard Club


It was near the start of July that the lovely Marceline over at Asking For Trouble came up with the idea of #SummerPostcardClub after 8 days with no Happy Mail. Imagine! 8 whole days, with NO HappyMail!! It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?


So, Summer Postcard Club was born, to give us all the chance to send and receive some postcards this summer (like we needed an excuse!) Sign-ups were open for one week, we filled out a form with name, address and some of our favourite things; as ideas for choosing postcards to send us. Then everyone was emailed the details of 5 random recipients, 4 of my sendees were also in the UK while the 5th was in USA.

I really enjoyed sifting through my collection of postcards, selecting what I hoped to be the perfect card for each person.

I couldn’t wait to get started and so sent off my first 4 immediately (I had remembered seeing a brilliant card in one of our local galleries and so wanted to pick one of those for my fifth & final recipient).

My first 4 cards. These were going to ladies who listed tea, cycling & houses, trees and vintage amongst their likes; can you guess which was which?

My first 4 cards.
These were going to ladies who listed tea, cycling & houses, trees and vintage amongst their likes; can you guess which was which?

It wasn’t too long before I started receiving cards too, as my first one arrived today!


I’m really enjoying this project and I’d definitely sign up straight away if Marceline ran it again. Oh, and I sent her an extra card too, of course!

DO YOU send summer postcards? I actually send lots of cards to friends & family, year round, especially to my mum who loves to receive them. Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading! 

Have you entered my Stationery Giveaway yet? There’s still time, so why not pop on over there and do it now!

Postcrossing turns 10!!

Anyone who knows me (or has to stand behind me in the Post Office queue) knows I have a ‘thing’ about posting stuff, so when I stumbled upon this project a few years ago, it was perfect!


Basically, when you register with Postcrossing , you can request a randomly generated address of a fellow postcrosser. You get the opportunity to read a bit about their likes, if (like me) you prefer to select a card related to their preferences. Each card is assigned a unique ID number, so when your postcard lands in the mailbox of the lucky recipient, they can register it; this in turn adds YOUR details to the pot and someone will draw your address to mail a postcard to. It’s completely random & works on a “one out, one in” basis, there’s no need to send a reply card to someone who sends you one – someone else will be sending one to them. Of course, sometimes you send or recieve a card and you ‘click’, maybe sharing similar interests or outlook on life – I have ‘met’ a few regular penpals through those one random postcards.

  • To date, I have sent 173 official postcards which have been registered and received 172, although some of the 10 which are currently travelling should be arriving any day now; which will add to my sent total & release my address for more to be sent to me!
  • Together, my sent postcards have travelled a distance of 386,259 miles; whilst those I’ve received clocked up a combined distance of 382,030 miles!
  • I have sent and/or received to and from 45 different countries.

29e4bfbf2ed1700a59fdf4a1355ffa1e I sent my very first postcrossing postcard on 5th August 2012, and it was received in Germany on the 10th!

How did it start? Well, back in 2005, Portuguese computer systems engineer and postcard lover Paulo Magalhães thought it would be a good idea to connect people who share the love for sending and receiving postcards; and so he set up Postcrossing, with the hope that he might convinced a few likeminded friends to join him…

To date, Postcrossing has: 560,302 members in 215 countries, sending 706 postcards/hour!      A total of 30,645,829 postcards have been received, with 446,007 postcards currently travelling!

Those 30 million+ cards have travelled a whopping 96,471,164,627 miles – that’s 3,874,118 laps around the world!!

So today, I’m celebrating Postcrossing’s 10th birthday by sending cards to Russia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Taiwan & Germany. Thank you Paulo, for allowing us all the honour of participating in your project!


Oh, and the other great thing about Postcrossing? It’s a fantastic excuse to buy more postcards!!

Don't be silly!! Of course that's not ALL of them....

Don’t be silly!! Of course that’s not ALL of them….

Are you a Postcrosser? Do you participate in any similar snailmail projects? Please share in the comments section! And, as always, thanks for reading!!