[MailCall Monday] 7th August 2017

Notebook & Pen Swap

I received my swap parcel for the Notebook and Pen Swap hosted by Jessica over at The Paper Trail Diary.

I was partnered with Emma, from A Cornish Geek and we were tasked with selecting notebooks & pens based on each others preferences, packaging them up, and mailing them off; before the deadline of August 7th.

Emma stated a preference for hardbacked A5 or greater notebooks, containing plain paper pages, hopefully in pastel colouring, and preferably featuring a literary or motivational quote. 

This seemed like it should be a super easy request to fulfill but for some reason I really struggled! I tried all the usual suspects: Paperchase, WH Smith, The Works, TK Maxx, Tiger, various online small businesses who stock stationery, both Asda & Tesco’s large stationery & back to school ranges, amongst others but had little success. Eventually I realized I was going to have to cheat a little, and I hope she didn’t mind! 

Anyway, enough about that! Let’s get on with admiring the goodies that Emma selected for me, shall we?

Inside a big bubble mailer I found a fabulous A4 bright pink notebook emblazoned with MAKE THINGS HAPPEN in gold foiling, isn’t it marvellous?

The cute ribbon markers are incredibly useful for splitting sections or marking places, don’t you think?

Interestingly, she had similar thoughts on pens as I did (remember the pens I mentioned here recently? Well, this is the swap they were for) and these colourful ballpoints will be very well used!
Lastly, can I just draw attention to the delightful notecard?

How did she know that Dolly is my Spirit Animal?? 😂😂
I look forward to using those pens for writing many important notes, on the things that I am going to make happen, in my swish new notebook. 

Book Swap

July was Book Swap month in Jocelyn from The Reading Residence ‘s #BringBackPaper campaign.

I was paired with Kathryn, AKA BookwormAndTheatreMouse , and the challenge was to select and send each other a preloved fiction book. The only clues we received was the other’s least favourite genre, so we knew what to avoid. Kathryn admitted to not being much of a SciFi fan, so I skipped the bookshelf full of distant planets and robot overlords, then chose a copy of a thriller I enjoyed reading a few months back. I packaged it up with some tea and chocolate, because what’s the point of settling down with a new book without making yourself comfortable? and sent it off.

Meanwhile, the lovely Kathryn was doing exactly the same; so I came home from work one evening to find an interesting looking bubble envelope, emblazoned with the #BringBackPaper hashtag, waiting for me.


I received a copy of INDIGO DONUT by Patrice Lawrence, I haven’t read it and the blurb sounds intriguing.

In Bailey’s opinion, Indigo didn’t look like she needed a hero. One by one, she looked Mona, Saskia, Betti and Kay in the eye. Then she gave them the finger, slow motion. Headphones on again, she sauntered off towards the science wing. He’ll. That was … She was …

Indigo lives with her foster mum, Keely. When she meets Bailey at sixth form, serious sparks fly, but Indigo has a secret that could ruin everything between them before it’s even begun.

Bailey‘s blown away by Indigo; she’s so different to other girls. But when Bailey becomes the target of a homeless man who knows more about Indigo’s past than is normal, he is forced to make an impossible choice.

I’m looking forward to reading this as I enjoyed Orangeboy, the first novel by Patrice Lawrence. (I think everyone else enjoyed it too, since it won a Waterstones Book Prize and was shortlisted for many others.)

Important Paperwork

Midweek, I received written details of the amendment to my terms and conditions of employment. Basically, it’s just confirmation of my start date, job title, new location & pay grade.

I pick up my swanky new uniform when I start next Monday.

Some EXTRA Beauty

Birchbox’s discount code for July entitled users to an extra mystery box. Mine wasn’t delivered alongside my July box, but their customer service team were on the ball and soon sorted it out; and the courier dropped it off just as I was heading to work on Friday.

The EXTRA box I received was actually June’s Daytripping Birchbag; a delightful pastel zippered pouch; inspired by Brighton Beach and it’s chalk-coloured beach huts, sorbet ice-creams and dreamy watercolour sunsets.


Inside my lovely Birchbag I found:

  • A full-size MEECH AND MIA Brow Liner, in shade #21 (RRP £12.99)
  • A full-size 50ml tube of COWSHED Cow Pat moisturising hand cream (RRP £18)
  • A 50g sachet of SCRUB LOVE Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub
  • A set of ECOTOOLS Enhancing Eye Brushes (RRP £6.99)
  • And a dinky 2.5ml sample jar of BOBBI BROWN EXTRA Eye Repair Cream 

As I mentioned, I received this free of charge, but full price would have been £10 plus £2.95 p&p. Given that 3 items were full-size products worth a total of £27.98 AND it came in such a delightful & very useable bag, I think this one was a real bargain for anyone who received this June offering!

If you fancy trying Birchbox for yourself, you can save £5 off your first box by signing up via my referral link (Birchbox also credit my account with a small amount to spend in their online store)

Even MORE Beauty : August Birchbox

Given that Saturday morning was the third time in a week that the same delivery guy was met at the door by a frightful vision of unmadeupness, he is probably wondering why I buy all these Beauty Boxes….

This time he was bringing my August Birchbox; the choose-your-preference item this month was a Spectrum brush, in one of two colourways; as usual I ticked the ‘Surprise Me!’ box, so I’m eager to see which colour of brush I received and what else is enclosed.

You can see my full unboxing of August’s themed Birchbox here.
So, that was the contents of my mailbox this week, what about yours?

Until next time,

Hugs, Crafty xx


[MailCall Monday] 3 July 2017

Perfectly-timed Parcel

Thursday was the last day of term, it was pretty wet (somewhat disappointingly for the Little Mixers who were going to the openair concert that night!) and so, after we finished up early, a colleague dropped me off to save me from getting drenched. We arrived at the door at the same time as the postie, who was suitably impressed with the parcel he had to deliver. (As were we!) Along with the addition of stickers  a and fancy tape, the sender had ‘written’ my entire address using individual letter stickers!!

I ‘met’ Ellie on Instagram recently, when she sent me a message saying she had come across my posts and liked what she saw ( #SnailMailGeeks4Eva )

Ellie wanted to send first, and having also checked out her Instagram, I couldn’t wait!

I was not disappointed!

Y’all know how much I like a flamingo, right?!? Well, imagine a flamingo, but glittery!! 😍

My parcel, complete with a few crafty treats, is now on it’s way to Ellie. Hopefully she’ll like it!!


As a member of Bloggers Required, I am offered the chance to apply for various blogging assignments. I was recently made aware of one hosted by a bookish someone I already follow on Twitter.

Dane Cobain is an author, poet & book promoter who is currently promoting an anthology of short stories by a group of very talented writers.

He subsequently approved my request and sent out some bookish post with whirlwind efficiency.

Along with a pre-publication copy of the book, Dane also included a bunch of bookmarks & cards, and a pen. This last inclusion I found particularly inspired because, whilst I post all my reviews online, it’s always useful to jot down notes & pertinent information as I’m reading; and as you know, the fact that you have a metric ton of stationery & associated accoutrements to hand is entirely irrelevant… you know full well that whilst you own six hundred and ninety-seven pens, you won’t be able to find a single working pen when you need one!
As usual, remember to keep an eye out for my review of SUBJECT. VERB. OBJECT. , so far it is a very interesting read!

To find out more about Dane and his work, you can visit his website , or look him up on Twitter; where he posts under various guises @danecobain , @socialshelves or @danebookpromo .
As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xx

1st Class are RED, 2nd are BLUE….

Yep, it’s THAT time of year again!


Have you all made/written/sent your Valentines? If not, I have this super fast, easy & still very pretty idea for you to try


What you’ll need:


Card blanks & envelopes (or card, paper trimmer, bone folder etc if you are cutting your own)
Heart stickers
Sharpies (or other markers – we are an equal opportunities stationery supply using house)

How to:


Write your chosen sentiment using one continuous flowing line, starting near the bottom left corner and finishing towards the top right. Make sure you leave enough room to fit your butterfly.



Attach two heart stickers, side by side, to create ‘wings’. I find that overlapping the points slightly gives the best shape.


Start following the pencil line with dots or dashes, using a fine liner.


Next, add a sharpie body and fine liner antennae to the butterfly




Repeat with different coloured butterflies and varied sentiments.



By this point, I realized I could Bee changing it up some more…


Then came another meow-vellous twist for a cat lover…


And an outer space fan…


My daughter started getting in on the action too!




The person receiving this, drives me Batty:


With a nom de plume like this, there was only one option…


So that is possibly the best bit about this particular card (well, apart from the quickness, the easiness, and the cuteness…) Ok, possibly the next best bit is the fact that you can implement the same idea for all sorts of occasions.

Basically, anything that moves can take the place of the butterfly.

My daughter incorporated the naughty kitten with the ball of wool into a birthday card for a Crazy Cat Lady aunt


I love the cute cat stickers!

Other suggestions:

Someone passed their driving test?
Spell out “you passed” and finish off with a car.

Graduation? Start with a hand ‘throwing’ a mortar board up to the opposite corner and adapt the wording accordingly.

Anniversary? Pop the cork from a bottle of bubbly.

Wish someone Bon Voyage with a little jet…

What other ideas can you come up with? I’d love to hear, and if you post pics of your makes, tag me in them so I can oggle them 😜

Thanks for reading!

Back to School Stationery Swap

If you are a regular visitor here, you’ll know I have a ‘thing’ for stationery.
ALL stationery: paper, pens, postcards, stickers, notebooks, envelopes, tape, stamps, lettersets, clips; you name it, I love it, collect it & have way too much of it!

BUT it’s the start of a new school term and you know what that means….

Back To School stationery aisles!!

It’s awful, I can’t just skip past them; I have to go look at the pretties. The other night we nipped to the supermarket for 10 minutes to pick up some butter & some salad ingredients for the following night’s dinner and I managed to find my way into THREE stationery aisles. THREE.

We have survived a 3rd week back to school here so some of the school ranges are now reduced.
What’s better than buying stationery? That will be buying stationery that has gone on clearance!!! Yes, I gave in. No, I didn’t buy more than 4 notebook/journal type things…

I have one teen still at high school and one in her third year at university, will either of them receive any of the back to school purchases I’ve made? Probably not! 😁

But, YOU might!

If, like me, you are a lover of Back to School Stationery; then why not sign up to my Back To School Stationery Swap?


I want this to be fun, inexpensive & super easy; so I’d suggest a budget of £5/€5/$5 .
Suggested contents of your swap package could be:

  • Notebook/journal/planner
  • Writing implements (pens/pencils etc)
  • Decorative items; such as stickers, tape etc
  • A little stationery knick-knack such as shaped erasers, sticky notes, cute paperclips, or a fancy sharpener if you included pencils.


Please feel free to include CLEAN, UNUSED items you may already have in your stash (if you are anything like me you have new supplies secreted around the house. You know, for EMERGENCIES, like when the entire planet runs out of stocks of Hello Kitty notebooks. Or there is a world shortage of decorative tape. That sort of cataclysmic event.)



To sign up, just shoot an email to me at TheCraftyLassBlog@gmail.com with Back To School Stationery Swap in the subject line, and include the following info:


  • Name
  • Full mailing address
  • Email
  • Are you willing to ship internationally? (I will try my very best to pair you up according to your preference)

And optional:

  • Social media : if you don’t mind me sharing your twitter /IG etc with your swap partner, please feel free to add these too
  • Your favourite colours/styles/themes etc, your swap buddy may choose to tailor your package to your likes but is under no obligation to do so.

Sign ups will be accepted until Sunday 13th September, at which point I shall start emailing pairs.

You have until September 30th to mail your swap.

Please feel free to share/bribe/cajole your friends & family to join in – the more the merrier.

You do NOT have to be heading Back to School to participate!

Can you resist the Back to School aisles? What’s your favourite Back to School item? Please share in the comments.

#BringBackPaper July Stationery Swap

Yup, I managed to wheedle my way into yet another stationery swap ;-P This one was organised by the delightful Jocelyn, over at The Reading Residence , who hosts a papery themed swap every month as part of her  #BringBackPaper  campaign. Yep, she encourages us to play with paper, every month. She’s an awffy nice lady, is that Jocelyn ;-P Technically, this month was supposed to be something different (possibly something to do with Smash* books?) but as the previous stationery round in February was so well loved that she decided to repeat it. (I definitely enjoyed it! So much so, I participated twice 😀 )

Jocelyn makes it super easy to sign up for her swaps; you just pop her an email with your name, address & whether you are willing to post internationally; and she pairs you up with a fellow paper nerd swapper. The ‘rules’ for what to include seem pretty free and easy in these swaps (possibly so it remains fun!), so the gist of this one was “It’s really simple, package up a little bundle of stationery papery goodness for your partner and ensure that you get it sent by the end of July to them. Perhaps a few items from your own supplies, or if you’re running low, nip out and choose a few goodies. I’d suggest around £5’s worth in total.” Pretty straight forward, huh? You can of course read more about this particular swap here.

I soon set to work putting together a little bundle for my victim recipient….

I love this cat tissue paper. I salvaged it from the goody bags we got when a new TIGER store opened in town ;-)

I love this cat tissue paper.
I salvaged it from the goody bags we got when a new TIGER store opened in town 😉

I tried to include a good mix of items, so hopefully Hannah (my victim) finds some things she likes, and maybe even one or two she loves.

I included a few letter sets, stickers, a fun greetings card, a Hello Hitty eraser and a ridiculous gold pencil with a crown topper - everyone deserves to feel like a princess when they're writing their shopping list, right?

I included a few letter sets, stickers, a fun greetings card, a Hello Hitty eraser and a ridiculous gold pencil with a crown topper – everyone deserves to feel like a princess when they’re writing their shopping list, right?

I also included some self-mailers (❤ those things!),a few packs of sticky notes and some more stickers.

I also included some self-mailers (❤ those things!),a few packs of sticky notes and some more stickers.

My personal favourite thing has to be this cute little journal. I might have bought one for myself too ;-)

My personal favourite thing has to be this cute little journal.
I might have bought one for myself too 😉

Anyway, I packaged them all up and headed off to the postoffice. Imagine my delight when I got home to discover the Postie had already been and Hannah had already sent hers!

I fpund the cutest paper bag inside the envelope :-D

I found the cutest paper bag inside the envelope 😀

I received a fantastic parcel of goodies in return…. 

Look at all these goodies!

Look at all these goodies!


Look at the lovely tapes! And can you believe how cute those sticky notes are? Hannah also included a lovely stripy pencil, eraser and the cutest pen.

Did you notice the lovely tapes (you know about me & tapes, right?) And can you believe how cute those sticky notes are?

Hannah also included a lovely stripy pencil, eraser and the cutest pen.

I can't lie, my absolute favourite item was these gorgeous space print envelopes. I think they'll be one of those things where I can't bear to use the last one (or two, ya know, just in case something happens to my spare...)

I can’t lie, my absolute favourite item was these gorgeous space print envelopes.
I think they’ll be one of those things where I can’t bear to use the last one (or two, ya know, just in case something happens to my spare…)

Yep, another successful swap!!

If you are tempted, there’s still time to squeeze in on this swap, so long as you can send off before the end of the month. Go on! You know you want to..

Because everyone likes to share, the #BringBackPaper hash tag is used on Instagram or Twitter and Jocelyn also runs a monthly ‘Papery Peep’ linky on the last Wednesday of every month.

Have you received any exciting papery mail recently? Please share in the comments 😀

As always, thanks for popping by! x

LoveYourInnerGeek: June Edition

#LoveYourInnerGeek is a semi-regular package swap hosted in Iggle circles. It spawned in part from everyones enjoyment of the awesome 30 Days of December Advent swap hosted on the official IGGPPC site last year.

The fabulous @amavongeek decided to host something similar in February, but with a little love theme thrown in. It proved so popular that it ran again in April, and again in June.

For June’s package, I was paired with the lovely Sarah; who filled my month with the most awesomely selected gifts & treats…. First off, when I unwrapped the outer wrapping, I found this..

Turns out the box was telling the truth... the contents were indeed fabulous!

Turns out the box was telling the truth.
The contents were indeed….

...the contents were indeed, fabulous


How could a girl not get excited by all those adorable little brown paper packages, tied up with pretty coloured gift ribbons??

Anyway, now comes the hard part: you open 1, yes ONE each & every day for the whole month.

And they’re numbered, so even if one looks like a REALLY interesting shape, it has to wait patiently in the box until it is it’s turn.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And then finally, it was June 1st & I could open my first little gift…

For Day 1, Sarah has chosen a lovely floral fabric tape for my gift. Actually, I was lucky enough to get another few of these throughout the month, each a different colour & pattern. And you know how I like tape! 😋

For Day 1, Sarah has chosen a lovely floral fabric tape for my gift.

Actually, I was lucky enough to get another few of these throughout the month, each a different colour & pattern.
And you know how I like tape! 😋

Everyday, I opened one gift & took a photograph so I could share it with you all. Usually iggles like to share their swap goodies on Instagram & twitter, so there’s usually a hash tag to go along with each swap. This one is #LoveYourInnerGeek , if you fancy heading over to either to check out what else iggles were sharing.

I’ve made some nifty collages rather than add 30 separate images (Yayy! Go Me!!)

So here’s Week One:

Week One was full of all sorts of lovelies.

Week One was full of all sorts of lovelies.

Stationery (owls!! And did you see the note cards with the Hogwarts illustration? 😍), a fab felt craft kit to make my very monkey, a relaxing scented tealight, 2 rolls of that pretty fabric tape & a tasty fruit bar.

There were even more goodies to find in week 2!

There were even more goodies to find in week 2!

More tasty treats, some adorable wooden heart shaped buttons, the cutest MLP pencil & ruler, an iron-on ‘princess’ patch (the picture DOES NOT do this justice, it’s about 1 1/2″ high and is utterly adorable. I may have to buy a camp blanket, just to attach it to!), some Disney princes tissues and a set of Time Lord pin badges. YES, they do have Gallifreyan seals on them and YES, I did go “SQUEEE” (very loudly)

Part 3

Part 3

Lots more lovely tape, some gorgeous dangly green leaf earrings (that I think Sarah made for me), some cake decorating sprinkles & printed Avengers cupcake toppers (these are amazing!! And edible!) and a comic book découpage H (also, I assume, crafted by Sarah’s fair hand)

Part 4: the remaining swag of the month!

Part 4: the remaining swag of the month!

We were nearing the end of the month now but that box of goodies still had plenty of treats in store for me!

During week 4, I unwrapped yet more tape (I LOVE tape!!), some spiffy temporary tattoos (Disney Princess & Hello Kitty), Unikitty cake candles (the Lego movie is AWESOME!! and I won’t hear anyone say different!), a super cute owl pouch (which matches the design on the bag that my mum gave me for my birthday, so it is now in use as my ‘holder to keep all my important stuff like keys & purse etc together without losing any in the depths of my bag’. Gift 29 was a really pretty bracelet, again, I think Sarah made this. It’s lovely.

Mwah-haha! I have ALL the goodies!

I have ALL the goodies!

I must thank Sarah for such a love swap package, I really enjoyed opening my month of gifts and I just hope she liked hers even half as much 💜💚

And thank YOU, dear readers for stopping by.

See you again soon!

Hugs, Heather