Record-Breakin’ Bowls : A Crafty DIY

Well okay, we’re not breaking them, we’re bending them, but they’re still fun to make!

Did you know today is Vinyl Record Day? To celebrate I thought I would share this fun Crafty DIY with you!

It’s been years since I made some of these, but they make awesome inexpensive gifts and when Offspring#2 and I were in the local record shop recently we noticed they had a huge box of vinyls signposted

“FREE for art projects/students etc”

We decided it would be fun for him to make some projects over the summer, and a set of bowls will make a funky storage solution for organising nick-nacks on his desk at university.

What you need:

  • An oven, preheated to 100°
  • Baking paper, to line the shelf or a baking sheet
  • An oven proof bowl, tall cup or vase
  • Oven gloves
  • Old vinyl records

How To:

  1. Preheat oven to 100°C. That’s °F or Gas Mark , if you are those ways inclined.
  2. Line either your oven shelf OR a baking sheet with baking paper.
  3. Turn your bowl (or similar) upside down and place your vinyl on top. *Remember, if you have a preference for which side is seen (for example, which label is visible in the inside of the bowl), the side closest to the bowl will be the inside and the uppermost side will be the outside.*
  4. Put it in the oven and stay close by. *A note on safety: the fumes released can be quite strong, so it is advisable to make sure you open kitchen doors & windows; and when you’re done, leave the oven door open to allow any buildup to disapate.*
  5. After a few minutes you will see your vinyl start to droop, after 6 – 10 minutes it should be pliable enough to mould.
  6. When your bowl is soft enough to mould, quickly and carefully remove from the oven, along with your mould.
  7. Flip both over and insert your vinyl inside the bowl to shape it.
  8. Working quickly, flute, pinch, or otherwise shape the sides and rim.
  9. Leave for a few moments to set before removing from the mould and setting aside to cool completely.
  10. Stand back and admire your handywork!

Then make millions more of them because it becomes a bit of an obsession.

And enjoy finding new things to store in them.

Tightly pinching portions gives great loops to slip pens, pencils, mascara, scissors, rulers etc into; to store them tidily.

A few notes on selecting records to use :

  • They will no longer be playable, do not use your prized vinyl collection!
  • Look out for clear or coloured vinyls, as a change from all black.
  • Also keep an eye out for interesting labels; or the recipient-to-be’s favourite artists etc
  • Gifting for a special occasion? Why not try to tie track titles, album titles or artist to the event.


    • As these bowls are not made from foodsafe material, you shouldn’t use them for serving or eating. Of course, wrapped sweets are fine! (I have however lined one with a napkin in the past and used it as a bread dish. We survived.)
    • They made great dishes to empty your pockets into, or to store knick-knacks.
    • They also make great gifting containers to package up smaller gifts or a selection of items. Fill the bowl as you would a gift basket and wrap in cellophane, then tie it up with ribbons and bows. If you were really fancy, you could even make your own ribbon or packing shred from an old cassette tape!

    Yeah, so I might have pinched a couple for myself. Shhhh, don't tell!

    If you don’t have any old vinyls to hand, or a friendly neighborhood record store like Groucho’s, charity shops often have a boxful that they are selling off cheap.

    If you try out this crafty DIY, I’d love to see the results, so tag me on your social media pics ( @Crafty_Lass on Twitter and @The_Crafty_Lass on Instagram )

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hugs, as always.

    Crafty xx