NinjaBookBox August Review

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll probably know that I enjoy treating myself to the odd subscription service (or ten)

There’s something great about the idea of coming home from work and, instead of just finding bills & junkmail, discovering a box or envelope full of surprises is awaiting you.

One of my most looked forward to subscription treats is definitely my Ninja Book Box.

So, What IS a #NinjaBookBox ?

A NinjaBookBox is a particularly special kind of subscription service.

Each bimonthly box is available as either a full box, containing a book and a selection of themed or associated gifts and extras, or as a mini box featuring the book and a few of the ninja-created extras.

The August GOING HOME Box

The book is never revealed prior to box delivery, and the first clue to a box theme is when the name & an associated image is released on social media.

Image © Ninja Book Box

I tend to try and avoid spoilers, so a little clue as to the theme of the book and other associated box contents is enough to whet my appetite!

Finally, delivery day came, and my box arrived.

I couldn’t wait to delve in and discover just how we would be Going Home

The Book Ninjas very cleverly always seal the accompanying newsletter featuring book info, interviews with the authors, and recommended additional reading etc, in a spy-proof envelope.

Just one of many thoughtful touches! So, are you ready? Let’s explore….

  • In addition to the enclosed newsletter, there’s always a little “Welcome to this month’s box” note, which is nice.
  • The book, and some of the other contents of the box are tissue-wrapped. This means the actual book remains a surprise right up until you open it! I like to explore all the other bits first, in an attempt to guess the book, author or genre.

Actually, that brings me to another point that shows just how much care and attention is spent on selecting the perfect items to accompany the books included in Ninja Book Boxes. Did you know that the Ninjas read each shortlisted book, then read it again once chosen, to get inspiration directly from the book? How cool is that?

  • The first thing that caught my eye was this cute little card & envelope with fun quote print from A Spoonful of Sugar & Co
  • Next was an item which is included in every box. Each theme has an associated charm, and you can add to your collection with each box. I’m eager to discover just how this cute little scooter links to the story.
  • Another item which makes a regular occurrence is the Ninja Recipe Card. Again, the Book Ninjas attention to detail shines here, each box including a recipe directly inspired by the book. I spotted another clue to the book here, as the card mentions it is set in Tulsa.
  • Next to be unwrapped was this adorable pouch/pencil case, custom made for Ninja Book Box by Curious Miss Clay. Isn’t that sketchy monochrome print gorgeous?
  • The next wrapped gift is extremely intriguing, this Writing Map promises to inspire writing of all sorts including stories and poems during a trip to an art gallery.

On opening it out, I discovered a large double-sided brightly coloured selection of prompts.

  • Unable to put it off any longer, and quite frankly now beside myself with excitement, it was time for the book reveal…

A Map Of Tulsa, written by Benjamin Lytal and published by And Other Stories, is a book I hadn’t yet heard of; but the blurb sounds like it could be an interesting read.

A stunning debut novel of first love set against the art scene of late-90s Tulsa by a former New Yorker editorial staffer.

The first days of summer: Jim Praley is home from college, ready to unlock Tulsa’s secrets. He drives the highways. He forces himself to get out of his car and walk into a bar. He’s invited to a party. And there he meets Adrienne Booker; Adrienne rules Tulsa, in her way. A high-school dropout with a penthouse apartment, she takes a curious interest in Jim. Through her eyes, he will rediscover his hometown: its wasted sprawl, the beauty of its late nights, and, at the city’s center, the unsleeping light of its skyscrapers.

In the tradition of Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, A Map of Tulsa is elegiac, graceful, and as much a story about young love as it is a love letter to a classic American city.

This is yet another reason I particularly love the #NinjaBookBox. Because the books are always from small presses and/or independent publishers, they are often relatively unknown, thus adding to the surprise and widening my reading horizons.

  • Since it was now safe to do so, I returned my attention to the Spoilers! envelope inside which I found the usual newsletter with a short Ninja Review (& reasoning behind selecting this particular book for inclusion), suggestions for recommended reading either also set in Tulsa or with a similar feel, and a useful list of suppliers and where to find them. Also included was a lovely hand-drawn map that I am assuming was created by the artistically blessed sister of Head Ninja, Bex.
  • Last, but not least, there was also a little teaser slip for November’s box which; as it coincides with Ninja Book Box’s 1st birthday; promises to be something special!

I want in, How do I get one?

That’s simple! Head on over to and order one!

Ninja Book Boxes ship quarterly (in February, May, August, and November) and each box becomes available for individual purchase on the 1st of the month before (January, April, July, and October).

The site is easy to navigate, and as well as box subscriptions, they have an online store which stocks various books and bookish gifts.

Current Prices:

  • Individual Boxes £29.99 per box (£15 Mini Box)
  • Annual Subscription £27.50 per box (£13.75 Mini Box)
  • Quarterly Recurring Subscription £26 per box (£14 Mini Box)

Subscriptions are always available, except when the current box is sold out.

The Ninjas champion Indies, all the books included in the boxes are from Independent publishers, and all the gift items are either created in-house or sourced from small business makers, so you are guaranteed to find a few unusual little treasures.


Do you know what I like even more than a subscription box? A discount code! So here’s one for you to use in the Ninja Book Box online shop.

Enter HEATHER15 at the checkout to receive 15% off any shop purchases over £5.

At present, discount codes won’t work on recurring quarterly subscriptions, but you can use them to get 15% off stand-alone boxes, such as the GRAND ADVENTURE Summer Reading Box, or any of the other goodies instore.

And the best bit? Unlike most discount codes that are one-use only, you can use my referral code as often as you like, so you can claim your 15% off EVERYTIME you shop! (I also receive a point each time you use it, so I can accumulate rewards too)

Have you tried the #NinjaBookBox yet? If not, have I tempted you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, or any other bookish boxes you’ve tried.

As always,

Thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xxx


[MailCall Monday] 28th August 2017

Well, the week started off rather nicely with not one but two items of fun mail waiting when I got home from work on Monday!

First up was my #NinjaBookBox.

The Ninja Book Box is an awesome quarterly bookish subscription service. Each box has a theme, this one being GOING HOME.

Each box contains a book related to the theme, together with a small selection of items carefully chosen and created to match the theme.

The books are always from independent publishers, and the curated items are sourced from small businesses and independent makers. This championing of indie suppliers is integral to the Ninja Book Box ethos and is definitely something to be applauded.

There’s always so much to explore in a Ninja Book Box, that it’s probably best that I do a standalone post dedicated purely to my unboxing.

But, in the meantime, if you need a bookish fix; remember code HEATHER15 gets you 15% off orders over £5 in the #NinjaBookBox shop!

Next was a surprise gift:


Mr Crafty actually purchased this for me as a lovely surprise.

I have received Lucky Dip Club boxes in the past, but after taking a baby break, Leona has returned to the subscription market with an update.

I must admit, I was intrigued when I heard about this collaboration with HELLO DODO, as I love their prints.

Inside I found an intriguing soft lightweight item, wrapped in sunshine yellow tissue; and a brightly coloured zine.

When I opened the tissue-wrapped gift, I discovered the most adorable bold flamingo print adorning a fab fabric zippered pouch.

  1. I adore flamingos
  2. I love puns
  3. Summery ice-cream shades are fab
  4. You can never have too many storage bags

I haven’t decided just yet what exactly I’ll be storing in my pouch; make-up bag or pencil case seem good options but I don’t want the inside to get dirty!!

Later on in the week was Boxcitement day…

Boxcitement is a lovely monthly subscription box which features a gorgeous selection of stationery, jewellery, housewares and decorative items; all curated around a theme, which this month is FANTASY ISLAND.

Again, look out for a full unboxing post coming soon!


The first BookMail of the week was this fantastic foil-embellished, signed copy of INVICTUS by Ryan Graudin.

I received this Sci-Fi Fantasy; likened to Doctor Who meets the Guardians of the Galaxy; as part of a Twitter Giveaway, hosted by the Bournemouth Waterstone’s store .

Time is running out . . .

Farway McCarthy was born outside of time. With nowhere to call home and nothing to anchor him to the present, Far captains a crew on a dangerous mission into the past. When he collides with Eliot – a mysterious, secretive girl, whose very appearance raises questions about time itself – Far immediately distrusts her. But he must take a leap of faith, following Eliot on a race against time, if he is to protect everything he’s ever loved from disappearing forever . . .

A fast-paced, heart-stopping journey that will leave you breathless.

Via ReadersFirst; I received an ARC of Vince Cable‘s debut novel, OPEN ARMS; a political thriller which spans all the way from the parliamentary buildings of Westminster to the slums of Mumbai.

Kate Thompson – glamorous housewife-turned-MP – surprises everyone with her meteoric rise at Westminster. When Kate is sent as a trade minister to India, she hopes it will be her moment to shine. But, embroiled in a personal scandal, she gets drawn into a dangerous world of corruption and political intrigue… Billionaire Deepak Parrikar – head of an Indian arms technology company – is magnetically drawn to the beautiful British minister. But while their relationship deepens, India’s hostilities with Pakistan reach boiling point, causing more than just business and politics to collide. In the race to prevent disaster, can their conflicting loyalties survive being tested to the limit? Open Arms is an explosive thriller which circles from Whitehall to the slums of Mumbai. Cable’s sweeping tale combines unrivalled political detail with international intrigue, desire, and the quest for power. An electrifying debut.

Published by Corvus, OPEN ARMS is due to be released on 7th September 2017, and I’ll be reviewing it soon.

So, that was the contents of my mailbox for the week, did you receive any fun mail? Share in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Hugs, Crafty xxx


  • Although I have a referral code for #NinjaBookBox, I receive this box through my personal paid subscription.
  • I also receive Boxcitement via a paid subscription.
  • The Lucky Dip Club item I received was purchased as a gift.
  • I regularly receive Advance Reader Copies of upcoming releases from ReadersFirst, these are sent free of charge, on the understanding I will read and review them; giving my honest and unbiased impression.
  • The signed copy of Ryan Graudin’s INVICTUS I received was won via a randomised draw hosted by the Waterstone’s store.

BIRCHBOX August ’17: Mermaid Vibes [Review] (& DISCOUNT)

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service. Their monthly boxes give you the opportunity to sample lots of different cosmetic and skincare brands, whilst their online store allows you to purchase full-size versions of the products you love.

Each box comes in sturdy outer packaging.

Inside which you will find your products and information sheet enclosed within further reusable packaging.

On most occasions it is one of these nifty little cardboard boxes which are easily stacked to create a clever set of storage drawers; whilst other times it can be a zipped pouch / purse, a clutch, or even a drawstring bag.

The August theme is Mermaid Vibes, and can we all just take a moment to admire that foiled print in gorgeous shades of blues and purples??

It’s always an exciting moment when you open the drawer and get your first peek of the contents!

The Contents

In my August box I discovered:

  • A full-size Spectrum Collection Powder Brush in shade Glam Clam. (Beauty Tool)
  • A full-size LOC in shade Rock Steady *RRP £8* (Cosmetics)
  • Number 4 Sugar Texturing Spray (Haircare)
  • NUXE Dry Oil Shimmer (Cosmetics)

Disappointingly, the Whish Revitalising Mud Mask (skincare), which should have been my 5th and final product, was missing from my box. I contacted customer service and subsequent to a friendly yet professional response, a replacement was received within a week.

Each month there is 1 product where you have the option to choose one of two variants, for the August box this was the Spectrum Collections makeup brush, in your preferred colourway.

Prior to despatch I had the opportunity to select 1 of 3 options:

  1. Glam Clam : shades of pink
  2. Bomb Shell : purple & turquoise hues
  3. Surprise Me! (It’s a lucky dip)

I chose to go with the surprise option, because who doesn’t like surprises?

September’s choose-your-own product is yet to be revealed, but we did get a sneak peek at another product to be included; a full-size MANNAKADAR BEAUTY Fantasy 3-in-1 blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow.

The Cost

A Birchbox subscription is £10 per month plus UK p&p of £2.95.
You can cancel or pause your subscription whenever you like.

There are also opportunities to purchase a 6 months subscription which give you free p&p on your first box. £60 + (5 X £2.95) or a yearly subscription which gives you 12 X monthly boxes for £100 + (12 X £2.95) meaning 2 free boxes!

What I Thought

I have yet to extensively try all the products in this box, but so far I think it’s reasonably good value for money.

The eyestick alone has an RRP of £8, and I would usually expect to pay around £6 for a similar product. I would expect to pay around £4 for the brush; meaning the rest of the products were essentially FREE.

  • The LOC Shadow Stick is a pretty shade, applies easily and is very wearable.
  • The NUXE shimmer oil smells of summer, it’s easy to apply, and leaves a slightly oily sheen with a golden glow.
  • After using the Whish Mask, my skin feels amazingly smooth and nourished and looks brighter. I would consider buying this product.

Rating & Recommendations

Appearance: I love the stylish look of the packaging, and think the fact it is usefully reusable is a definite plus. 5/5

Products: I received a pretty good variety in my box. Each month there are a number of core products that everyone receives, then an array of others from which you receive a selection to make up your 5 products. Mostly these are skincare, haircare, a body care or make-up; but accessories such as jewellery or beauty tools (like this month’s brush) are sometimes included. 4/5

Value for Money: As previously mentioned, one full-size item had an RRP of £8, so from that point of view, this box was definitely value for money. Personally, I didn’t perceive this particular selection as being as great value as other boxes; but this is just my personal opinion – the box is still great, I think I’ve just had a run of amazing ones so my expectations were high! The fact you also get to try smaller sizes of other products to see how you like them, rather than splashing out on the full-size only to discover that they don’t suit, is great. 4/5

Benefits: The opportunity to try new products from established and newer names in the beauty industry. There are a number of additional benefits to being a Birchbox subscriber, but perhaps the most notable one is that you are entitled to at least 10% off full-size versions of the products you like. 5/5

TOTAL SCORE: 18 / 20

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention:

Customer Satisfaction: Two month in a row, there has been a problem with my Birchbox, but the customer service system is a really sleek operatation. Submitting a query I via the contact form generates an automated response, this is then followed up by a named operative within 48 hours; any deviation from this is acknowledged with another automated mail. The first contact from a member of the team is always courteous, states an apology for what has gone wrong, and offers a solution. Subsequent correspondence is always friendly, helpful and they keep you informed of everything.

The delivery process is also incredibly slick, with emails informing you when your box is ready for dispatch, forwarded to the delivery company, with your local courier, on it’s way; and finally; confirming delivery.


If you want to try Birchbox for yourself, you can save £5 off your first box by signing up through my referral link .

(Birchbox also credit my account with a small amount to spend in their online store each time someone signs up via my link. Remember to share your own link after you have signed up!)

Bonus offer!

Enter code: TAKE2 at the checkout, to claim a free full-size Nails Inc. Polish plus a make up bag when you subscribe to Birchbox in August.

*Terms and conditions apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Available whilst stocks last, or until 31st August 2017.

Thanks for stopping by; see you again soon; and in the meantime, have you tried Birchbox, or another Beauty Subscription box? What are your recommendations?

Hugs, Crafty xx

Paperhaul May Review: FLAMINGO FLAVOUR

Our postie misdelivered my #Paperhaul to a neighbour, luckily she’s a nice one, so she kept it safe until we got home from our weekend away!

I’m still loving the updated look of these! The white card envelopes look brighter and fresher than the previous brown cardboard boxes, and I appreciate the way the whole set is tied together by the large accent sticker on the outer packaging and the inserted business card echoing the month’s design.

The May Paperhaul theme was Flamingo Flavour, and featured lovely pink flamingoes, hibiscus flowers and lush green ferny palm fronds, all in tropical shades of coral pinks and deep forest greens.

Included in May’s superb stationery selection were:

  • A cute noteblock, with a colourful flamingo illustration down the side of the pages

  • 2 postcards, one featuring a cute illustration of a pair of flamingos and the other bearing a bold leafty print, incorporating a ‘hello‘ greeting.

I think the matching reverse is a lovely additional touch to these postcards.

  • 3 mini flat cards, featuring prints co-ordinating to the set,  all with beautifully textured matching cream envelopes.

And finally,

  • A jazzy A6 notebook, featuring dot grid pages and all over leafy printed cover.

I think the noteblock with the lovely illustrated pages is my favourite item in the Flamingo Flavour collection, what’s yours​?

Want Your Own?

If you are interested in a Paperhaul Subscription, you can find out more here

Subscriptions are £10/month, with p&p extra (£2 UK, £5 Europe, £6 Rest of World). 

Don’t forget, you can use code ” 25OFF ” to receive a 25% discount off your first Paperhaul box. 
So, what do you think of the May collection, or Paperhaul in general? If you were familiar with the previous style, which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading,


Crafty xx

[MailCall Monday] 22 May 2017

The last week started off pretty slow in terms of interesting mail…

Like everyone else’s letterbox in the UK at present, there were a fair few electioneering flyers & some very tempting takeout menus.
Towards the end of the week, however, the fun stuff started arriving.

This is a NinjaBookBox​ Month.

NinjaBookBox is a quarterly subscription that includes a book and a selection of associated goodies. The items are all sourced from Independent publishers and small businesses, making for an unusual & exciting box. 
You can see my full unboxing post later this week, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek…

Also, feel free to use my referral code HEATHER15 to get 15% off any purchases over £5 in the Ninja Book Shop. You can even use it to get a discounted ‘A Grand Adventure’ Summer Reading Box

The Rest of This Week’s Bookmail 

The Chalk Artist by Allegra Goodman is a contemporary fiction tale, full of love, obsession, and alternate realities.

Twins Aidan & Diane live in a small American town, next door to Collin; artist, actor, misfit.

Collin becomes involved with Aidan’s teacher, Nina and this is where the web woven by Arkadia; the large gaming company which dominates the town; tightens around it.

Nina, is the daughter of Arkadia’s owner.

Both Aidan & Collin become increasingly immersed in Arkadia’s online gameworld, Everwhen.

When Aidan receives a mysterious black boX which allows him to physically enter the gameworld, he finds both the reality and his perceptions of the two worlds become skewed.

As Collin also finds himself pulled deeper into the game, Nina begins to suspect there is something far wrong but doesn’t know how to help.

When the two world collide, everyone involved find their lives changed, and their loyalties torn.


In exquisite detail, Allegra Goodman explores what happens when an alternate reality takes over one boy’s life, and the forces at work behind his obsession: the all-encompassing gaming realm that becomes more authentic than his real world.

This gritty and thought-provoking read seems to me to be reminiscent of the storylines of Tron, or the Spy Kids 3D movie; or Superpowerless, by Chris Priestley. 

It is recommended to readers who enjoy works by Margaret Atwood, Lionel Shriver, Maggie O’Farrell, Donna Target, Jonathan Franzen, or Anne Tyler.
I was very taken by the gorgeous cover, and I can confirm that that bright explosion of colour is even more beautiful in real life!

Look out for my review of it nearer the publication date of 1st June 2017!
So, that was the contents of my mailbox this week, what about yours?


Crafty, xx

[MailCall Monday] 01/05/2017

It’s Monday, that means it’s time for a quick roundup of what i found in my mailbox over the last week…

Book Mail

Two days this week found a total of 3 shiny new ARCs in the incoming mail.

  • Dead Letters by Caite Dolan-Leach is a mystery/crime thriller centred around twin sisters, Ava and Zelda, and Ava’s return to their disfunctional family home on a dilapidated vineyard following the supposed death of Zelda in a fire. A series of notes, letters and emails leads Ava on a journey looking for the truth about her twin’s disappearance whilst uncovering a few truths about herself. (Published by Corvus and due for release on 4 May 2017)
  • Nomad by James Swallow is a Spy Thriller full of suspense and likened to books and TV dramas such as I Am Pilgrim, The Bourne series, Homeland, and 24. (Published by Zaffre on 29 December 2016)
  • The Women of the Castle by Jessica Shattuck is a historical novel, set in the aftermath of WWII, exploring how three women deal with life after war and how they come to terms with both the choices they made and their outcomes.  (Published by Zaffre and due for release on 18 May 2017)

    Keep an eye out for my reviews of them if you are interested to know what i thought of them!

    Subscription Surprises

    I do enjoy coming home from work to discover a box or envelope of goodies to explore. 

    I try to avoid seeing spoilers so the contents are a complete surprise!
    So, without further ado, on with the unboxing!

    Nature-themed goodies from Boxcitement

    Each month’s Boxcitement contains a collection of stationery, jewellery, honeware, gifts and little crafts; all curated around a central theme, April’s being ‘Lost in the Woods‘.

    I love the attention to detail in these boxes – the sprinkle of confetti always matches the theme!

    When you open the box, everything is hidden beneath sticker sealed tissue, and the double sided contents card is sealed inside the lid so there can be no inadvertent spoilers as to the actual contents.

    Let’s have a peek inside.

    Although the boxes are themed, the contents are varied, both in type and style. There’s usually a good mix and this box is no exception.

    There are always a few items that are individually wrapped, either for a little extra protection or just to add to the mystery!

    So in this month’s box, inspired by The Great Outdoors, I found:

    • A chunky twig pen 
    • An A6 notepad with a flower print cover. (Actually, the paper feels more sketchbooky and on closer inspection of the contents card, this is indeed what it is) 

    • A card kit to make a mini cute birdhouse
    • A set of gift wrap, featuring a lovely quality sheet of double sided paper and two coordinating tags

    • A stylish ribbon wrap bracelet with attached tassle and cute flower catch
    • A sweet little test tube vase, complete with rope hanging string and a cute little doodah (that’s the incredibly technical term for the leaf embellishment attached to it 😉 )
    • A funky wall-mountable honeycomb keyholder

    My favourite item in the box has to be the keyholder. I love the ingenious fit & click idea, i mean who needs hooks when you have honeycomb holes??

    According to the contents blurb, there should have been a card & envelope in there too but that seems to be missing. I wonder what it looked like?

    So what do you think of Boxcitement?

    I really like the variety included in each box.

          You can find out more about Boxcitement subscriptions here, they start at £18/month buy paying for 3,6 or 12 months discounts the cost to as low as £15. They also offer mini boxes and one-off gifts around Valentine’s, Mother’s Day etc. 

          Obviously I have a code for you if you want to try out a box for yourself (I know, I’m lovely!!) so use code ” FIRST BOX ” to get 10% off a monthly subscription.

          Citrus-themed Stationery from Paperhaul

          Saturday morning brought my monthly Paperhaul subscription package. They have recently changed their ‘look’ and have swapped their brown cardboard boxelopes for these white card envelopes. 

          The sticker on the outside matches the design theme of the contents, as does the inserted business card.
          This month’s theme is citrus, and the collection is entitled ‘Lemon Love‘.         The citrus-y colourscheme is bright & juicy and the fun graphic print is delightful.

          Stationery items included in April’s set are:

          • Large square card with an allover print, with matching envelope.

          • 3 postcards, all in variations of the theme.

          The matching borders on the reverse of the postcards are a nice touch, dont you think?

          • 3 Mini flatcards with matching envelopes, in matching lemon slice repeating print with 3 different coloured backgrounds.

          • A6 dot grid paper notepad, with a cover featuring a lemon slice print. The front bears the slogan “When life gives you lemons …” which is completed “… make lemonade!” inside.

          I think the cute notebook is my favourite item this time.

          I like the revamped look to the Paperhaul boxes, I had been considering cancelling this subscription but I’m keen to see the next few now!

          If you are interested in a Paperhaul Subscription, you can find out more here

          Subscriptions are £10/month, with p&p extra (£2 UK, £5 Europe, £6 Rest of World). Although I will also tell you that using code ” 25OFF ” will snag you a 25% discount on your first #Paperhaul (because I’m nice that way).

                Did you find anything fun in your mailbox last week?

                Until next time,


                Crafty xx

                July Paperhaul review .

                Have you heard of #Paperhaul ? It’s a fantastic monthly stationery subscription service run by Glasgow based company Crafty Creatives.

                It launched in November 2014, with the first box popping through letterboxes in December.

                One has landed on MY doormat every month since then 😀 Actually, that is an important point; #Paperhaul is shipped in a neat slim brown cardboard box that fits easily through your letterbox; so no pesky red cards telling you that the Postie couldn’t deliver ‘your monthly paper fix’!


                The first thing you see when you open the box is a sheet featuring the paperhaul logo on one side & on the reverse it encourages you to write a word that you feel sums up this box then share it on social media.


                Yes, it is basically a clever marketing ploy; but it’s also quite inclusive! It makes you feel like you really are part of a special club.

                So, without further ado; this month’s box:

                Oohhh! Looks promising!

                Oohhh! Looks promising!

                I love packages tied up with string. The twine wrapped around these little bundles is a lovely touch.

                I love packages tied up with string, and the length of twine wrapped around these little bundles is a lovely touch.

                July Paperhaul : The Fishy One!

                July Paperhaul : The Fishy One!

                There’s always a theme for each monthly box. The team at Paperhaul put a lot of effort into collating a wonderfully cohesive collection in terms of theme and colour palette, whilst incorporating a wonderfully varied selection of design & style.

                Let’s take a closer look:

                3 assorted postcards. I can decide if the tentacles or the mermaid is my favourite.

                3 assorted postcards. I can’t decide whether the tentacles or the mermaid is my favourite.

                The varied selection of postcards perfectly illustrate my point with regards to how the folks at CC include such a wide range of designs whilst keeping the box contents as a cohesive collection.

                1 large greeting card. I just love that crab illustration.

                1 large greeting card.
                I just love that crab illustration.

                Usually there are more folded cards included in the box but, as you’ll see further down, we got something else instead this time. The cards are always varied styles but all great quality.

                3 mini flatcards & envelopes.

                3 mini flatcards & envelopes.

                I tend to use these as gift cards or to include in parcel swaps detailing what it’s for & who from. These ones are a lovely thick hammer textured card with a fantastic doodle design that is also featured elsewhere in the box.

                1 sheet of glossy square stickers.

                1 sheet of glossy square stickers.

                The sheet of stickers included is always good quality & well cut. I use a lot of stickers, especially to decorate outgoing mail, so I can always use them.

                2 individual large size stickers.

                2 individual large size stickers.

                I’m never quite sure what to do with these big stickers, but they are always fun!

                3 sweet little gift tags with strings.

                3 sweet little gift tags with strings.

                The little hanging tags appear every month, they are always on the top of the bundle and give a clue to what the monthly theme is going to be.

                2 sheets of double sided papers.

                2 sheets of double sided papers.

                I like the way they choose 4 such different styles for the good quality papers included each month.

                A beautiful roll of washi paper tape. The swirly design makes me think of waves.

                A beautiful roll of washi paper tape. The swirly design makes me think of waves.

                There is always a roll of tape in the paperhaul boxes. It is great quality, tears well and sticks smoothly.

                3 adorable little pin badges. This is something new, as we've never received badges before. Definitely a fun addition!

                3 adorable little pin badges.
                This is something new, as we’ve never received badges before.
                Definitely a fun addition!

                Finally, there’s one more nice little touch:

                #Paperhaul donate 10p from the sale of every box to  the Postpals charity.

                #Paperhaul donate 10p from the sale of every box to the Postpals charity.

                Postpals is a fantastic project that facilitates the sending of mail (& smiles!) to poorly kids and their siblings. I send quite a bit of mail to postpals kids, and suitably cute items regularly appear in the paperhaul boxes.

                What do you think of this month’s Paperhaul? Do you have a favourite subscription box? Let me know in the comments!

                Thanks for reading!