Multigrain Shredded Wheat

Thanks to Nestlé and Bzz Agent, we recently had the opportunity to try a couple of boxes of some of Nestlé’s new Multigrain Shredded Wheat variants.

We received one 475g box each of both Rye & Quinoa, with a Hint of Honey and Barley & Spelt, (also with Honey).

Now, I’ll be perfectly honest; I’m not a huge cereal eater. If I have breakfast, it tends to be toast-based; or fruit and/or yoghurt; but it seemed only right that I should make a concerted effort to eat cereal for a few days…

What is the Product?

Each box contains 475g of delicious, crispy wholegrain nuggets.

Like all Nestlé Shredded Wheat products, they

  • contain wholegrains
  • are very low in salt
  • are low in saturated fat
  • and are high on taste!

Each box contains around 11 servings, and each 40g serving contains approximately 210kcal; when served with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk.


What We Thought

In terms of taste, I think the Barley & Spelt combo has the edge, it just seems more flavourful. Both varieties are equally crunchy, and filling.

I particularly enjoyed a bowl of the Barley & Spelt, when served with chopped banana and lashings of really cold milk.

Offspring#2 scoffed most of both boxes; I think he may have liked them! Like myself, he also preferred the Barley & Spelt variety; although interestingly, whilst discussing the product via a Facebook post, my brother-in-law mentioned that he preferred the Rye And Quinoa ones!

We have since purchased some more, and my son has also added them to his Things To Buy & Pack For University list.


I received samples of these products free of charge, in order to test them out, and share an unbiased & honest review. All opinions are my (and my family’s) own. 

Have you tried either of these yummy cereals? If so, which is your preference? And if not, which do you think you’d enjoy?

Until next time, 

Hugs, Crafty xx