[MailCall Monday] 24th July

(Not so) Lame Mail

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have been entertained by my recent shopping spree on the That Lame Company sale during a trip away. Travelling between the in-laws and my mum’s only takes around an hour but for a large proportion of that there is no phone reception and therefore (shock! horror!) NO mobile internet; so there I was, much to the amusement of all, frantically stuffing things into my basket in an attempt to finish my order before entering No-Man’s Land.

Obviously, my order went through, as I came home from work on Wednesday to a lovely box of goodies.

I love how Chloe always wraps your order up in tissue and seals it with a sticker. ‚ô•

I had actually been eyeing these A4 pads for a while, and wasn’t sure I could justify buying them when “Wouldn’t a notebook just do?” but having spent the past few weeks trying various permutations of double-page spreads, I decided to spoil myself. Best decision ever! These A4 pads will be great for keeping track of the What, Who & When; and then each individual one will have it’s own pages in the notebook (which I will then probably cross-reference to the pad or something….) 

*True Story: when I typed notebook up there, predictive text suggested the next word would be a smiley face with heart eyes….wonder what THAT says about me ūüėā *

I’ve bought some of these cute snailmail cards previously, they are really cute and I thought I should replenish my stock.

I’ve also purchased these recipe cards before, and knowing that Offspring#2 will need to feed himself when he heads off to University in September, I figured they would be useful for writing out instructions for some of his favourite dishes. 

These prints were bought as gifts, but I think one may get misplaced. The one on the left is foiled and rather gorgeous.
When I opened up my order, I found a few things I don’t remember ordering!? So, I can only assume I got carried away (a not insignificant probability!) or the lovely Chloe was adding a lil extra TLC.

Thanks for the cute lil notes!

Mag Mail

I’ve been a subscriber to for quite a few years, and to be honest I’m a bit bored with it. It seems like it’s just a rehash of ideas they’ve featured before over the years.

So, any suggestions for a new papercraft-type magazine?

Beauty Mail

I signed up to the Glamour Beauty Club recently and was excited to receive my first product for review; a nifty little tub of Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads from NIP+FAB on Thursday.


Book Mail

This week’s mail brought another ARC from Readers First. S.T.A.G.S. is a thriller written by M.A. Bennett and published by Hot Key Books.

Nine students. Three bloodsports. One deadly weekend. A twisting thriller for fans of John Green’s Looking for Alaska and The Hunger Games.

Greer MacDonald joins the sixth form of exclusive boarding school St. Aidan the Great and is struggling to fit in until she receives a mysterious invitation, from the most popular boy in school, to a weekend of hunting at his family’s country estate.

Once she arrives, she soon realized that the intended prey aren’t quite who she thought they were….

As usual, I’ll be posting a review prior to publication date of 10th August 2017.

Booze Mail 

I’m a product tester/reviewer for Trnd and a current campaign I am participating in is for a new Coconut Jamaican Rum called KOKO KANU.

My box of goodies arrived midweek and included a 750ml bottle, and some promo postcards featuring various cocktail recipes incorporating Koko Kanu. If you’d like me to mail you a recipe-postcard, let me know in the comments! And, of course, I’ll let you know what I think of it in a review shortly!

My mailbox was certainly rather full last week, what about yours?

Hugs, as always,

Crafty xx

[MailCall Monday] 5 June 2017

The May #Paperhaul

Technically this should have been featured in last Week’s roundup but it ended up mistakenly going through a neighbour’s letterbox on Saturday and didn’t make it’s way home till Tuesday…

The May Paperhaul theme was Flamingo Flavour, and featured lovely pink flamingoes, hibiscus flowers and lush green ferny palm fronds, all in tropical shades of coral pinks and deep forest greens.

You can get a closer look at what was included by checking out my May Paperhaul review.

Book-ish Mail

The latest issue of oh comely magazine dropped through my letterbox.

It’s always a lovely read, full of interesting articles are swoonworthy photos.

And not a ‘which celeb is cheating on who with their neighbour’s dog’s pregnant husband’¬†story in sight!!

A Timely Treat from Prestige Flowers

Friday afternoon brought a rather exciting delivery, in the form of a large cardboard box from Prestige Flowers.

I had recently been in contact with them regarding reviewing a bouquet from their birthday flowers range and somewhat coincidentally, delivery had been arranged for the weekend before my birthday!

Of course, you’ll need to wait for my review post to find out exactly which bouquet I received!

Was there anything interesting in your mailbox this week?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty xx

Paperhaul May Review: FLAMINGO FLAVOUR

Our postie misdelivered my #Paperhaul to a neighbour, luckily she’s a nice one, so she kept it safe until we got home from our weekend away!

I’m still loving the updated look of these! The white card envelopes look brighter and fresher than the previous brown cardboard boxes, and I appreciate the way the whole set is tied together by the large accent sticker on the outer packaging and the inserted business card echoing the month’s design.

The May Paperhaul theme was Flamingo Flavour, and featured lovely pink flamingoes, hibiscus flowers and lush green ferny palm fronds, all in tropical shades of coral pinks and deep forest greens.

Included in May’s superb stationery selection were:

  • A cute noteblock, with a colourful flamingo illustration down the side of the pages

  • 2 postcards, one featuring a cute illustration of a pair of flamingos and the other bearing a bold leafty print, incorporating a ‘hello‘ greeting.

I think the matching reverse is a lovely additional touch to these postcards.

  • 3 mini flat cards, featuring prints co-ordinating to the set,  all with beautifully textured matching cream envelopes.

And finally,

  • A jazzy A6 notebook, featuring dot grid pages and all over leafy printed cover.

I think the noteblock with the lovely illustrated pages is my favourite item in the Flamingo Flavour collection, what’s yours‚Äč?

Want Your Own?

If you are interested in a Paperhaul Subscription, you can find out more here

Subscriptions are ¬£10/month, with p&p extra (¬£2 UK, ¬£5 Europe, ¬£6 Rest of World). 

Don’t forget, you can use code ” 25OFF ” to receive a 25% discount off your first Paperhaul box. 
So, what do you think of the May collection, or Paperhaul in general? If you were familiar with the previous style, which do you prefer?

Thanks for reading,


Crafty xx

[MailCall Monday] 29 May 2017

Last week was certainly busier on the mail front!


This week brought two ARCs from publishers Bonnier-Zaffre, via ReadersFirst. They actually arrived as I was packing for a weekend away, so the timing was perfect!

The two books could not be more different!

The Mayfly by James Hazel, with it’s murder and intrigue, is certainly more like my usual choice of reading material.

Whilst The Farm Girl’s Dream by Eileen Ramsay seems rather different to the historical fiction I would normally select, I was intrigued by the fact it was set in and around my local area. I’ve picked up a little bit about both farming in Angus and the mills of Dundee during the Victorian era, so I’m eager to find out how accurate it is!

Both are published on June 15th, so keep a lookout for my reviews nearer the time! 

A Thank You Gift

I must admit to being somewhat confused by this one, as although the envelope bore the sender’s franking, there was no covering note included.

It was only afterwards that I had a vague recollection of completing a survey for museum services at one of the local universities.

Dundee University Museum Services is run by a delightful chap by the name of Matthew; and as well as curating fantastic zoological & medical history museums; they organise a varied programme of exhibitions, talks and events throughout the year.

A Cutie Fruity (May Boxcitement)

I was surprised to receive this as it doesn’t seem like a whole month since I told you about the last one!

Anyway, I’m just giving you a sneak peek as I’ll be posting a full unboxing later in the week

 In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Boxcitement you can check their website, or see my review of last month’s ‘Lost in the Woods’ box (where you’ll also find a code for 10% off your first box!)

A Stationery Swap

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a swap, but when I noticed the lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence was hosting one of her regular #BringBackPaper Stationery swaps, I had to join in. 

She runs these very efficiently, you just email a note of interest and include your address, then she pairs you up with someone and emails you both the others address. You then have until the end of the month to send your partner a selection of stationery goodies, with a budget of ¬£5 (and yeah, of course I always manage to stick to that)  

This time I was paired with someone named Stephanie, from London. I don’t think I’ve come across Steff before, but perhaps I’ll now get a comment saying “Hey! It’s MEEEE!! You know me as xxxx on yyyy

When I saw the nicely tape decorated envelope, I knew what it was, as I recognised the return address on the sender’s label as being the one I had written on my parcel a few days before. 

Inside the envelope, I found a decorated cellophane bag full of lovely papery bits.

There was a good mix of stickers, paper, tape samples, postcards & embellishments.

I loved having a good rummage, especially discovering what sort of treasures were in the stuffed envelopes.

I just hope Steff enjoyed opening her goodies as much as I enjoyed opening mine! 
So, that was the contents of my mailbox, did you receive any interesting mail last week?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Crafty, xxx


As many of you probably know, this is National Stationery Week (also, yayyy! excuses to buy stationery!)

Each day is dedicated to a different element of stationery, so why not play along with the Seven Days of Stationery?

 The theme this year is #WritingMatters, and there are lots of fun ways to encourage us all, adult and child alike to put pen to paper because #WritingMatters 

 There are lots of discounts, offers & giveaways throughout social media this week; and I’m trying to share as many as I can so make sure you follow me on Twitter!

Speaking of giveaways….


Have you entered mine yet? 

Yes? Awesome! Good luck!!

No? Why not? Quick go enter!!
There are TWO prizes up for grabs, both goody bags stuffed full of stationery surprises. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


As always, thanks for stopping by; and Good Luck if you are entering the Giveaway.


Crafty xx

1st Class are RED, 2nd are BLUE….

Yep, it’s THAT time of year again!


Have you all made/written/sent your Valentines? If not, I have this super fast, easy & still very pretty idea for you to try


What you’ll need:


Card blanks & envelopes (or card, paper trimmer, bone folder etc if you are cutting your own)
Heart stickers
Sharpies (or other markers – we are an equal opportunities stationery supply using house)

How to:


Write your chosen sentiment using one continuous flowing line, starting near the bottom left corner and finishing towards the top right. Make sure you leave enough room to fit your butterfly.



Attach two heart stickers, side by side, to create ‘wings’. I find that overlapping the points slightly gives the best shape.


Start following the pencil line with dots or dashes, using a fine liner.


Next, add a sharpie body and fine liner antennae to the butterfly




Repeat with different coloured butterflies and varied sentiments.



By this point, I realized I could Bee changing it up some more…


Then came another meow-vellous twist for a cat lover…


And an outer space fan…


My daughter started getting in on the action too!




The person receiving this, drives me Batty:


With a nom de plume like this, there was only one option…


So that is possibly the best bit about this particular card (well, apart from the quickness, the easiness, and the cuteness…) Ok, possibly the next best bit is the fact that you can implement the same idea for all sorts of occasions.

Basically, anything that moves can take the place of the butterfly.

My daughter incorporated the naughty kitten with the ball of wool into a birthday card for a Crazy Cat Lady aunt


I love the cute cat stickers!

Other suggestions:

Someone passed their driving test?
Spell out “you passed” and finish off with a car.

Graduation? Start with a hand ‘throwing’ a mortar board up to the opposite corner and adapt the wording accordingly.

Anniversary? Pop the cork from a bottle of bubbly.

Wish someone Bon Voyage with a little jet…

What other ideas can you come up with? I’d love to hear, and if you post pics of your makes, tag me in them so I can oggle them ūüėú

Thanks for reading!

Back to School Stationery Swap

If you are a regular visitor here, you’ll know I have a ‘thing’ for stationery.
ALL stationery: paper, pens, postcards, stickers, notebooks, envelopes, tape, stamps, lettersets, clips; you name it, I love it, collect it & have way too much of it!

BUT it’s the start of a new school term and you know what that means….

Back To School stationery aisles!!

It’s awful, I can’t just skip past them; I have to go look at the pretties. The other night we nipped to the supermarket for 10 minutes to pick up some butter & some salad ingredients for the following night’s dinner and I managed to find my way into THREE stationery aisles. THREE.

We have survived a 3rd week back to school here so some of the school ranges are now reduced.
What’s better than buying stationery? That will be buying stationery that has gone on clearance!!! Yes, I gave in. No, I didn’t buy more than 4 notebook/journal type things…

I have one teen still at high school and one in her third year at university, will either of them receive any of the back to school purchases I’ve made? Probably not! ūüėĀ

But, YOU might!

If, like me, you are a lover of Back to School Stationery; then why not sign up to my Back To School Stationery Swap?


I want this to be fun, inexpensive & super easy; so I’d suggest a budget of ¬£5/‚ā¨5/$5 .
Suggested contents of your swap package could be:

  • Notebook/journal/planner
  • Writing implements (pens/pencils etc)
  • Decorative items; such as stickers, tape etc
  • A little stationery knick-knack such as shaped erasers, sticky notes, cute paperclips, or a fancy sharpener if you included pencils.


Please feel free to include CLEAN, UNUSED items you may already have in your stash (if you are anything like me you have new supplies secreted around the house. You know, for EMERGENCIES, like when the entire planet runs out of stocks of Hello Kitty notebooks. Or there is a world shortage of decorative tape. That sort of cataclysmic event.)



To sign up, just shoot an email to me at TheCraftyLassBlog@gmail.com with Back To School Stationery Swap in the subject line, and include the following info:


  • Name
  • Full mailing address
  • Email
  • Are you willing to ship internationally? (I will try my very best to pair you up according to your preference)

And optional:

  • Social media : if you don’t mind me sharing your twitter /IG etc with your swap partner, please feel free to add these too
  • Your favourite colours/styles/themes etc, your swap buddy may choose to tailor your package to your likes but is under no obligation to do so.

Sign ups will be accepted until Sunday 13th September, at which point I shall start emailing pairs.

You have until September 30th to mail your swap.

Please feel free to share/bribe/cajole your friends & family to join in – the more the merrier.

You do NOT have to be heading Back to School to participate!

Can you resist the Back to School aisles? What’s your favourite Back to School item? Please share in the comments.