Craft Month

Did you know that the month of March is Craft Month?
IKR!? A whole month when we are positively encouraged to get crafty!
The whole point of Craft Month is to promote the idea of crafting & to inspire people to give new things a go and get involved in crafts.

If you have ever fancied taking up a new hobby, then Craft Month is the perfect time to do so!

You can:
Check your local area for classes, groups or workshops.
Buy or borrow a book from your local library.
Check out online tutorials or videos.
You could even organise a get together with a few like minded friends and have your own like crafternoon.

If you have kids (your own, extended family; even neighbours or friends) there are thousands of ideas for creative and/or messy time and Craft Month is the perfect excuse to encourage them to indulge in a spot of makery.

Many of us look on the chance of season as a time for redecorating or updating our home décor, so how about creating something special?

There are lots of things you can try:
Cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings
Wall art
Decorative art pieces; such as sculpture


Do you have a crafty talent?
You could offer to share your knowledge with others:
Teach a friend or relative how to knit.
Attend a local group and give a cardmaking demonstration.
Do you specialize in something traditional? I bet a school or youth group in your area would love to organise a visit.

You could even donate your March makes to a good cause. Charities often have auctions and raffles, whilst community groups always appreciate items for their fun days & coffee mornings etc.


These layered cookie ingredients jars make a lovely gift. I put together this particular one for a recent charity auction.

No matter your age or ability; Making things is FUN; so why not try something new for Craft Month? Of course, if getting hands-on really isn’t your thing, you could always visit a nearby craft fair or makers gallery and lend your support to some local crafters instead!

A Crafty Challenge

Alternatively, you could join me in a little crafty challenge.
I’ve set myself a challenge to craft something every day this month.


My plan is to attempt to create something different each day, but you might prefer to finish a larger project over the month; perhaps sewing a quilt, completing a large painting or knitting a baby shawl. What would YOU craft?

If you decide to join in, please share your projects using the hash tag #CraftysCraftMonthChallenge and feel free to tag me on social media or post your links below.

I do hope you find yourself inspired to create this Craft Month!
Crafty xx


Happy Pokémon Day!!

Pokémon celebrates its 20th birthday today.

I think the first time I was aware of the whole Pokémon phenomenon was in the 80s, when my younger sister had a poster featuring all 150 (yes, there were only 150 to start with!)

Teen1 dabbled a little in her early years, late 90s; then Teen2 discovered a liking in the early 00s.


This was his favourite dress-up costume for quite a while!
He donated it to one of the Postpals kids a few years back, which was cute, but I must admit to feeling a little sad when I sent it off!

Turns out, a decade later, he’s still a fan…


I got this Pikachu hat in my Loot Crate a few months back and the scoundrel pinched it before I had had a chance to wear it!


Which Pokémon is your favourite?

Happy Chocolate Cake Day

At first thought, you might wonder why Chocolate Cake should have a specific Day, I mean surely every day is Chocolate Cake Day; yeah?

But it’s CHOCOLATE CAKE, so let’s roll with it….


So what’s the point of Chocolate Cake Day?

Well, that’s pretty simple:

Essentially, it is a day to celebrate that sweet gooey tasty morsel in all it’s forms!


So, how are YOU going to celebrate?


Here are some ideas:


Bake a Chocolate Cake!


You can find a super quick, super tasty, 3-ingredient recipe right here!


Buy some Chocolate Cake shoes!


Chris Campbell of The Shoe Bakery designs these mouthwateringly fabulous sweet feet treats.


Treat yourself to a lipsmacking gloss!


Similar glosses are available all over, but I found these on Amazon.


Read up on how the experts do it!


The amazing ChoccywoccyDooDah book;   Chocolate, Cake and Curs is full of gorgeous photographs, fabulous recipes and interesting tales.


Dress up your phone!


Claire’s Accessories have this snazzy iPhone 6 case.



I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for celebrating this auspicious occasion 😜As always, please share your own ideas!

Thanks for stopping by,

Crafty xxx